[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - January 2022

Monthly Report - January 2022

Welcome to the 2nd monthly report for VanDAO and after an amazing launch month in December we’ve hit 2022 running! At a great pace mind you, so that we continue the momentum of the approved projects we have on the go.

Project Updates:

Rare Vandal Anthem

  • The Winning beat (by @Paul) was selected out of 13 entries in the BeatDAO phase of the Anthem. The song has been recorded at @squattingPigeon’s studio in Lisbon and we’re getting it ready now for mastering!
  • 2nd Phase (Artwork) is included in our Feb funding proposal in collaboration with HypeDAO
  • 3rd Phase (Visuals) is scheduled for March funding for the production of a Metaverse Music Video together with MetaVerse DAO.

  • The Style Guide was complete by @akmal and we published the VanCHAN Challenge #1
    *Entries are pouring in. You can search #VanCHAN on Twitter to see them!
  • We are evolving the concept to cross into the other CHAN projects and ultimately create an awesome CHANverse! See our proposal for February, it’s super dope!

  • The NearHub team have been hard at work and we’ve got the first part of the VanHUB in production!
  • We hope to have it ready by mid February for the launch of TROACO NFT Project!

Other Notables:

  • I’ve been dabbling in some DeFi activities on Ref from the vandao.near wallet
  • We collected some more NFTs on display in our DAO Gallery, including a copy of the NEAR Mixtape Vol 1!
  • We are participating in the NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon to create the first use-case of an Audio NFT release for my 2nd album TROACO
  • Get a FREE VanCHAN Style Guide NFT minted on Paras!
  • Another #beat-dao collaboration is on the horizon!

Super happy with progress thus far and it’s just got me so hyped for 2022 that I can’t sleep! Thanks for riding with me :100: