[REPORT] Symbolik on the Blockchain Report - Onboarding DAO

Symbolik on the Blockchain is a TikTok/Instagram segment presented by Symbolik and the Onboarding DAO.

“Symbolik on the Blockchain” is a short form TikTok series that highlights and informs viewers about NEAR and NFT culture. The segment is also ported over to Instagram. It starts off airing once a week but ramps up to 3 days a week. Each Symbolik on the Blockchain segment is under 3 minutes long, to fit the TikTok format. The segment ran every week 8 time in October and November to the date of this reporting, totaling eight segments. We discussed NFT basics, DAOs, the Metaverse and more. See descriptions below. 4,995 people viewed Symbolik on the Blockchain in October and November up until the date of this reporting.

Symbolik on the Blockchain presents ideas, processes and experiences that Symbolik has had in the NEAR ecosystem as well as in the Web3. Symbolik on the Blockchain has effectively spread the word about NEAR as an option for people who are interested or new to crypto.

Symbolik on the Blockchain is an Onboarding DAO activity.

Segment idea document

Original Symbolik on the Blockchain proposal:

Onboarding DAO proposal

Please see more details bellow:

Please see the attached Symbolik on the Blockchain compilation video link (Oct 3 – Nov 21):

Symbolik On The Blockchain TikTok Compilation - YouTube

Symbolik On the Blockchain flier

Flier impressions 756

TikTok views 3,555

Total views: 4,995

Symbolik on the Blockchain Oct 3 2021


Symbolik A Walk on the Blockchain #AwalkOnTheBlockchain , talking about how Twitter, Twitter Spaces & Clubhouse together with you Websites dApp (decentralized app) store are great digital tools to connect, build community, form intimate relationships and community bonds, and allow for people to support you by Tweeting, sharing, engaging and buying your work. #nftcommunity #NFTart #blackcrypto #blacknftcreators

Symbolik on the Blockchain Oct10 2021


Symbolik On the Blockchain, a casual walk with Symbolik talking in brief about DAOs. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, an emergent form of governance. #daos #NEARprotocol

Oct 10

1281 TikTok views to date
222 IG views to date

Symbolik on the Blockchain Oct 17 2021


Symbolik On The Blockchain talking Metaverses #crypto #nfts #metaverse

Oct 17

168 views to date
204 IG views to date

Symbolik on the Blockchain Oct 24 2021


Symbolik goes for a leisurely fall walk with Meche, talking digital collectibles for beginners… its Symbolik on the Blockchain :slight_smile: #nfts #collectible #mintbase #NearProtocol #crypto #foryoupage #blockchain

Oct 24

333 views to date
120 views to date

Symbolik on the Blockchain Nov 1 2021


#SymbolikOnTheBlockchain , #NearCon had me thinking of why @nearprotocol is great for creatives jumping into #crypto .

Nov 1

334 TikTok views to date

470 IG views to date

Symbolik on the Blockchain Nov 7 2021


Symbolik on The Blockchain, talking about getting started in #NFTs . For those who are new or interested in getting into #NFTart . Remember it’s about your talent and creativity… also it’s about connecting and building community.

Nov 7

272 TikTok views to date
87 IG views to date

Symbolik on the Blockchain Nov 14 2021


Symbolik on the Blockchain going back to the basics. what’s an NFT? #NFTart #NFTbasics #WhatsAnNFT #NFTs #nftscrypto

Nov 14

994 TikTok views to date
36 IG views to date

Symbolik on the Blockchain Nov 21 2021


what can be NFT-ified? NFTs are like a digital receipt or contract, you can tie then to anything. NFTs are about community and connecting creators with supporters. Now is the time to imagine and build! #nfts #nftartwork #nftcommunity #nftInfo #nftbeginner

Nov 21

208 TikTok views to date
50 IG views to date

Symbolik on the Blockchain Nov 28 2021


Symbolik on the Blockchain, this segment looking at tips on how to promote your #NFTs . Get on Twitter, share retweet and like other people’s work. help build communities! Get into Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse, build on conversations and appropriately and respectfully #shillYouArt . #promoteyourNFTs #NFTart #NFTcommunity @Mintbase @NEARprotocol

Nov 28

51 TikTok views to date
39 IG views to date

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