[REPORT] Onboarding DAO / October & November 2021

Hello NEAR Fam,

We have been live since October and we’d like to share with all of you some recap regarding Onboarding DAO actions and activities. Recent weeks have been very productive. Onboarding DAO is building momentum.

In October Symbolik kicked off with his TikTok/Instagram show “Symbolik On The Blockchain”. The segments are consistently released every week. In November the Onboarding DAO went live with Twitter AMAs along with the Clubhouse Conversations.

Thanks to our live AMAs along with Clubhouse conversations we’ve made some networking with people who would like to start a DAO on NEAR, crypto artists and enthusiasts of the blockchain space. Symbolik on the Blockchain delivers information about NFTs, dApps, events and trends, it helps anyone who’s new to NFTs, the segment always mentions and encourages people to get into the NEAR ecosystem.

Also, we are keen to cover C1 Guild Onboarding Campaign costs using our unused funds, however we’re waiting for reply about the details. @JCB

List of all detailed activities:

We are looking forward to continuing our activities as the added value of the content can be seen. Onboarding DAO is delivering NEAR brand recognition and community networking opportunities, which are apparent and abundant.

Feedback is much welcomed!

Thank you for your support!

@Symbolik @vandal @NatalieCrue @steven @chloe


Hey @Paul I’m glad to see you leading the charge for Onboarding DAO and to see things come together over the past couple of months. I look fwd to the growth and continued involvement of the various guilds in the ecosystem. Keep up the good work :100:


Thanks @vandal I appreciate your kind words :pray:t2: