[REPORT] Symbolik on the Blockchain December Report

Symbolik on the Blockchain Report

Jan 3 2022,

Symbolik on the Blockchain is a TikTok/Instagram segment presented by Symbolik and the Onboarding DAO.

“Symbolik on the Blockchain” is a short form TikTok series that highlights and informs viewers about NEAR and NFT culture. The segment is also ported over to Instagram. It starts off airing once a week but ramps up to 3 days a week. Each Symbolik on the Blockchain segment is under 3 minutes long, to fit the TikTok format. The segment ran Dec 5, Dec 12, Dec 20, Dec 31 2021. Subjects that were discussed were NFTs and community, Minting NFTs on Mintbase, PFP NFTs on NEAR and Black on the blockchain.

See descriptions below. 3,028 people viewed Symbolik on the Blockchain in December up until the date of this reporting.

Symbolik on the Blockchain presents ideas, processes and experiences that Symbolik has had in the NEAR ecosystem as well as in the Web3. Symbolik on the Blockchain has effectively spread the word about NEAR as an option for people who are interested or new to crypto.

TikTok views 1,867
Instagram 1,161

Total views: 3,028

Dec 31

Views TikTok: 0
Views on IG: 258

Symbolik On The Blockchain - Black on the Blockchain Dec 31 2021
This episode was uploaded through TikTok desktop. Propper hashtags were not able to be assigned. I believe this may account for the low (no) TikTok numbers. Also I was not able to


Dec 20

Views TikTok: 214
Views on IG: 286

#SymbolikOnTheBlockchain talking #PFPnfts on #NEARprotocol . What are PFPs l, do they exist on NEAR? what is their future?



Dec 12

Views TikTok: 684
Views on IG: 219

#SymbolikOnTheBlockchain - minting NFTs. what it takes to mint your art. Benefits of #Mintbase #MintingNFTs #MintingArt #mintingOnNEAR #MintingNEAR



Dec 5

Views TikTok: 789
Views on IG: 398

#SymbolikOnTheBlockchain talking NFTs and community. People often ask how to get into NFTs, I realize that’s a moment when they may begin to recognize a societal shift that is happening in #Web3 . NFTs are a part of that Web3 shift where we recognize our connectedness to a global global community. In those communities we GIVE meaningful contributions and are rewarded with support, in many forms. #NFTcommunity #nftbeginners #NewToNFTs #NFTnewb #nftnews #NFTsocial #nftdiscord #blockchain #NFTs


Amazing report @Symbolik ! :clap:

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Thanks @Paul. Let’s also talk at our next meeting about my meeting with @starpause about NEAR DAOs, Guilds and communities. It will help in our guiding people to the communities where they can throive and contribute meaningfully.