Symbolik On The Blockchain (Topic ideas)

Symbolik On The Blockchain (Topic ideas)

The following are suggested topics for the Symbolik on the Blockchain weelky TikTok Instagram segment, for people who are new or interested in NFTs and Blockchain. This is a part of the Onboarding DAO engagement activities.

Proposed topics:
Getting Started in NFTs - done

What are NFTs

What can be NFT-ified

Promoting your NFTs

NFT s and community

Minting options

Generative Projects

The blockchain

DAOs and governance

PFPs, generative art

Crypto gaming (I’ll need to connect with Gaming DAO and learn what’s up)

Please feel free to suggest topics! Keep in mind I reflecting my and thoughts observations based on my experience as I learn.

Original Symbolik On The Blockchain proposal

Onboarding DAO proposal


Great range of topics :muscle:

NFTs and gaming on the blockchain seem to be pretty :fire: right now. Unsure how much that fits under your umbrella of expertise, though, but would be great to see :tada:


That can definitely work! I’d just need to connect with someone working in that space to give me an experience to share. Maybe I can even do some music with a game project :slight_smile:

Do you have any contacts in the space? If so I’d love an introduction please.

Well wishes David!

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You could ask in the NEAR NFT Club on Telegram, someone there might have some info on a contact:

Great idea @Dave_NEAR. I’ll reach out to them. Also, they may be able to help with my other post about Guilds, DAOs and communities.

I didn’t know I couldn’t perpetually edit my posts on here. Is the ability to edit perpetually a feature that unlocks later?

Hey, apologies for the delayed response I’ve been OOO

You can edit the posts any time :smiley:

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I think, it’s limited until I get more trust points on here. I don’t think I can edit the post anymore. It looks like I only have a certain amount of time where the post is editable :frowning:

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