[Report] September 2022: HubMotionBR

This month we focused on on-chain activities, deployed contracts, and minted NFTs, as our seed members gain more familiarity with blockchain tools.

Our workshop “Smart Contracts and DAOs” happened on September 15th.

During the workshop, we created the minting contract for the HubMotionBR using Mintbase:

We also demonstrated how to add minters and added the 7 workshop participants to the store.

The group decided to use the hub’s Mintbase contract for minting checkpoints in their research on Performative Onboarding. In the meanwhile, for those just curious about NFT minting in general, we briefly showed the Paras platform and recommended they mint their explorations and tests there. They will also have the opportunity to use the one-on-one sessions for questions about minting NFTs.

We also covered DAOs in the workshop, and went through the DAO creation steps on Astro to show the many configurations this platform allows.

The group decided to not create our DAO contract on mainnet yet, waiting to discuss further what configurations would better suit the hub. In the meanwhile, we created a DAO on testnet.

At the end of the session, we started the discussion about how to set up the hub’s NFT museum and exhibition space. We talked about the built-in 3D galley on Mintbase, and also other options on web and VR. The initial budget already approved for the museum is still very small, so it can be used to kick-start the process and we will continue to ask monthly for additional budget to be earmarked for the museum.

After the workshop, we issued 12 certificate of attendance NFTs via MotionDAO Edu Mintbase store:

7 NFTs were already distributed to the members who attended the workshop, and the others are reserved for the members who could not attend live but will watch the recording and schedule one-on-one sessions.

The workshop recording is available on YoutTube:

BR Hub September metrics:

  • 2 contracts deployed
    1 contract on mainnet, 1 contract on testnet
  • 7 minters added to Mintbase contract
  • 12 editions minted of NFT course certificate
  • 7 editions transferred of NFT course certificate
  • 1 online workshop (2,5 hours duration) with 7 attendants
  • 1 workshop recording published online

Qualitative metrics:

  • Feedback from the workshop participants was that the content was explained in a very easy to understand way and they were able to understand the concept of smart contracts.

  • None of the workshop attendants had heard before of smart contracts, and none had experience with software programming, so this feedback was very positive.

Next steps:

  • The one-on-one sessions are still in the process of being scheduled, and we expect that this will help the hub members with creating their first NFT explorations.

  • The group is currently writing the mission and vision for the DAO, and it will be added to the description when it gets deployed on mainnet

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