[Proposal] September 2022: HubMotionBR - learning curves, on-chain tools, NFT museum

For September we have two workshops planned, as well as one-on-one sessions for members who either cannot attend a specific date or need more time and guidance to get fully familiar with the technology.

We want to make sure the hub seed members have the tools and the knowledge they need to make meaningful explorations in the world of web3. It can be a steep learning curve, but after people go through it, the possibilities that open are more than worth it.

The workshops will be 3 hours each. The topics are:

Contract Deployment Workshop

  • smart contracts

  • contract factories

  • blockchain storage fees

  • interacting with a contract

  • minting and DAO contracts

  • marketplace contracts / dapps

  • DeFi contracts / dapps


Performance NFTs Worshop

  • how to mint a performative artistic work

  • what content can be included in an NFT

  • where is the art stored in an NFT

  • cryptographic hash and provenance

  • wallet as identity and signature

  • signature economies

Each workshop will issue a certificate of attendance NFT to the participants.

(note: the second workshop will likely be realized only the following month so we are including only the preparation budget this month)


The BR hub will also start acquisitions for a themed NFT collection, the beginnings of our own “on-chain museum”, including NFTs from members and from artists in general. The initial focus will be dance, movement and performance, as well as the NFTs resulting from the hub’s performative onboarding NFT research. We want to hold the collection in a DAO, and in this way we will also get to explore how to interact with DAOs in more advanced ways.



We anticipate as metrics of relevance in our next report:

  • course certificates minted and distributed,

  • variety of transactions performed by members wallets during learning exercises and one-on-one sessions,

  • contracts deployed by the hub wallet,

  • NFTs transferred to the hub museum collection



For the planned activities we are asking for the following budget:

  • contract deployment workshop (preparation and teaching). - 150 USD

  • performance NFT workshop (just preparation) - 50 USD

  • one-on-one sessions - 150 USD

  • NFT collection - 50 USD

Total: 400 USD

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