[Proposal] August 2022: HubMotionBR BRAZIL - Performative Onboarding/Strategies for exchanging work and remunerating with NFTs + NFTs practical session

HubMotionBR will continue with our “seed member” meetings to further our core discussion about how we can establish web3 practices that can be empowering for artists. This is a group of 8 people so far committed and engaged in creating a space for the BR community in connection with MotionDAO and Dance-tech.net.

We will have a practical session with the hub’s “seed members” led by @lenara to launch our minting contract (Mintbase store). This activity was planned for July, but has been postponed to August.

We plan for the entire group of “seed members” to start minting NFTs regularly as Performative Onboarding “checkpoints” (ref. MotionDAO report from April [Report] MotionDAO April 2022 ), following the practice already started by @tatirosa . Performative Onboarding consists of being aware and dancing how the body feels entering the web space3 and all the emotions and ideas it provokes. The “checkpoints” are videos, notes, drawings and other art forms that mark points in this same process, and will be marked as NFT.

A second layer of Performative Onboarding is the exchange of our work as dancers, choreographers and dance teachers by remunerating it through artwork created in these work sessions, tokenized as NFT. This strategy was created last month. This is another way to test/experiment/feel what it is like to deal with values in the new environment of the web3.

We are still working on creating a one-page website that will act as a landing site for the center https://hubmotionbr.carrd.co/ . From there it will redirect to our current activities and calls, as well as to the broader networks of dance-tech.net and movimiento.org, which reach over 12000 members. Near Foundation and Creative DAO will be credited logos and links.

We will establish a calendar with future open workshops NFTs as an ongoing strategy to connect more people from the Brazilian dance field.

For the planned August activities:

  • seed member meetings
  • practice session
  • minting contract deployment and configuration
  • one pager website feeding
  • minting Performative Onborading “checkpoints” NFTs

We are requesting a budget of 500 USD wallet: hubmotionbr.near