[Report] MotionDAO September: Event Horizons, strange singularities and post-activism

We are experimenting within the tensions created by so many layers of awareness and the rapid changes. In MotionDAO, we keep going developing our work in environments that are feeling the advances of AI and creativity, cowboy utopianism steps of space travel and at the same time the lethargic reaction of governments to global warming, within Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the rising of right wing and authoritarian leaders (Italy and Brazil).
We are not oblivious.

These questions resonate:

"What do you do when a passive rock, lithic and dumb, sprouts a limb? When a mountain you’ve been climbing sighs gently? When you are interrupted with the realization that the microbial culture you’ve been frying in your laboratory might have an internal life, and might feel pain? When a tiny virus wreaks havoc on commodious economies and systems of thought? When the ground beneath our feet thaws in the heat of global warming, withdraws its endorsement of modern perpetuity, and haunts our conversations? What do you do when the world kicks back?”

Our work inhabits that territory.

“We seek to shock outmoded modes of perception and action. We want to show how human bodies are changing, how whales and discarded pieces of gum are also ‘activists’, how remembering ancestry has political consequences, how thought is not a human feature, how bodies secrete time, and how slowing down in times of urgency makes sense in specific circumstances – especially now.”
Bayo Akomolafe