[REPORT] NxM Discord FEB-22


February was the month of changes, as the following have been implemented:

  • NxM Discord full restructure, where 99% of the channels have been removed, as they were not compatible with NxM current shape,
  • NxM Discord is now connected with BeatDAO and DJ DAO,

I’d like to welcome @Sammiee, as a new NxM Discord sheriff. Sammiee is responsible for keeping our server clean from spammers and scammers, he is working on setting up new bots, deleting olds ones and verification rules, along with keeping it with the cool look, satisfying for eye. :slight_smile:

Also, I’d like to inform you that councils of the NxM (@Monish016 @vandal @Paul), BeatDAO (@Wiswiz @Paul) and DJ DAO (@netunoblu) are going to be mods too, but in order to keep consistency, with relevant announcements regarding each DAOs activity.
In the NEAR future, we’d like to connect AstroDAO with NxM Discord, where each DAO and its community will have impact for voting and decision making.

Stay tuned!


Welcome to the Discord @Sammiee :100:


Thank you so much @Paul for this introduction and so much thanks to the @NxM counsel for the opportunity given me to serve in the capacity of Discord sherif :grin: it’s such a cool portfolio, it is my hope that I live up to expectations and continue to be of service in every way I can and at every point to continue growing and expanding the NEAR Ecosystem through my services in the @NxM and every other Guilds and DAOs.

May I take this medium to further introduce my self,
I am Chukwu Nduka Samson a Native of IVO Ebony state from the Igbo speaking part of Nigeria, I am a web2 Talent manager, a real-estate consultant, a content creator, events planner/Manager, I host and MC Redcarpets/Events, I am an entrepreneur, an idea developer, A strategist, also a non certified life coach (ETC) and I have had Trainings and experiences in All of the mentioned areas and still practicing.
I am a member of the C1 Tour Team and played a Huge role in the planning and execution of the C1/ NXM Tour that took place in ABUJA Nigeria on the 6th of February 2022, in 2021 I worked with the Team on the First C1 Onboarding event in Lagos nigeria where we had STERRYO Launch his Album, I also am currently building collectibles in the Metavers and taking classes to become better and a Metavers builder.
Transitioning into the Web3 I have Taken up the task of onboarding and coaching creatives and gifting them the knowledge and the goals of web3 and using the NEAR Ecosystem decentralized opportunities, and in view of the mentioned I also aid some of these creatives (artists mostly) to Transit into the web3 comfortable even as I still render my service as A&R and sit in as a Web3 Talent manager and content creator.
Coming this far I have worked and Managed the affairs of @ELKHUSH who is also currently a Web3 artist and is minted his arts and doing a lot in the Ecosystem.
There is more about me and I am ready to share and willing to put in the work and efforts as I always learn on the Job and find a way to be of value
My experience with the C1 guild is one that is mind blowing and I am still learning a lot which thanks to the tutelage of @Dedeukwu and presently @bonepolice i have been growing and getting better at a lot and thanks to JOHNX for mentioning me.

I will do my best to foster community engagements and growth as I ask that we all work together in achieving all of our set goals for the Ecosystem. And I must mention @vandal @Monish016 @JCB @David_NEAR and a lot of awesome people I would like thank them for the roles they play in this forum and the NEAR Ecosystem at large.
Thank you once again for this opportunity and I look forward to doing great things under your guidance and in the Spirit of Teamwork.
I am @Sammiee i am happy to serve and I will be of service


Thank you so much
And I appreciate all you do

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Thanks so much boss I am delighted to have this opportunity of working closely with you and I must thank @JohnX for mentioning me

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Thank you for this effort of unifying and consolidating our communities on this platform!
DJ DAO is looking forward to engaging our audiences via discord in addition to building a diverse space for all musicians and music lovers together with our friends BeatDAO!