[REPORT] NxM Discord server July 2022 moderation and TRIVIA

Greetings and happy new month to @creativesdao-council and @NxM and also to everyone here in the forum and around the Near Ecosystem

I remain my humble self SAMMIEE moderator of the NXM Discord server.

July proved to be eventful as we had so many events and activities happen all around the near ecosystem even with the situation in funding, that did not stop so many communities and members from building and staying creative.
Our discord saw so much communication with our Announcement channel that also Publish to other servers connected with our Discord https://discord.gg/QZTMaTBP and connection with activities happening both in NXM https://discord.gg/UeWGPdsA
/BeatDAO https://discord.gg/upRdjjSk and DJDAO https://discord.gg/32eV2kfW and other DAOS as NxM Discord server made it a point of information cutting across all social media channels gathering and sharing updates with our members also informations happening within the Ecosystem.

We have continued to see members get verified and are looking ways that will keep them doing so.

In July we kept our members engaging with TRIVIA on our Discord https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-trivia-on-nxm-discord-server-july-2022/25539?u=sammiee
Which have continued to prove to be a good way of engaging with community members.

We are Happy again to announce that in July we had
more Questions in the DISCORD TRIVIA AND WE
HAD WELL OVER :nine::three: entries,
With :eight::seven: correct entries
We had over :nine: entries Disqualified too.
We had winners according to time of entries and number of correct entries;
@Chrisjay $30
@DERI007 $20
@Rnbking $10

Also rewards have been sent to winners:

We are excited for the month of August and looking forward to another great month in the DAO and Ecosystem as projects will be happening and more community involving activities will take place including Trivia in August.

Requesting: $200
For NxM July Discord moderation

Target: sammiee.near

Cc. @Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor
For visibility

NXM CARES :heart:


Hi @Sammiee, thank you for the report! Let’s rock this August!