[Report] DJ DAO February 2022

Strictly Ballein February 2022 was completed with some truly unique performances by our line-up of guest djs. In addition to having onboarded NYC-based Hip-hop Veteran Fokis onto the near protocol [fokis.near]; Here are some achievements, key data and footage from the events.

The Playground (Cryptovoxels venue partner) attendance data:

Twitch stream data:

Video by @djlethalskillz.near

Our telegram now has 97 members, and both our Twitter and Instagram accounts have seen growth as well. We are also pleased to announce that DJ DAO is now a part of the NxM Discord Server.

Due to a sharp fall in NEAR’s token value between when the February budget proposal was initially submitted, and when funds were deposited to our target wallet for payouts; some payouts have been delayed [specifically for DAO facilitation and AstroDAO migration] and we would like to include a small amount of tokens in our upcoming March budget proposal; to complete these projects.

We are looking forward to announcing a very special edition of Strictly Ballein for March 2022! See you at the next show :star_struck: