[Report] NxM DAO Monthly Report for February 2022

Monthly Report - February 2022

February was a Spectacular Month, Especially with the Events and Projects that happened Through NxM Project/Event Grants; New Council Did a Wonderful job on DAO Management with New Community Funding Process and handled Treasury with the NEAR Price Depreciation.

NxM DAO Management

The Social Media Team continued to do an excellent job promoting NxM initiatives across the various channels and engaging the community.

· Telegram Myself

· Facebook,Instagram,Twitter & Discord - @Paul

Click here for the DAO Management Report for February.


We have not issued bounties for the Month of February.

NxM Resources

. Miro Map 2

· NxM Events Grant Application 1

· NxM Projects Grant Application 1

Community Calls:

You can find the February Month Report for the Community Calls hosted by Monish here

NxM Store:

· The NxM Mintbase Store has earned a total of 176.76 N. which is 12.68N from Last Month

· The Open NxM Store has earned a total of 52.65 N. Which is 19.95N from Last month

Events & Project Overall Status:

Project Name Project Owner Event Date Report
NxM Events Stream
Break My Heart @comandoBurrito 21-Feb-22 Yes
Africa/Traditional @larkim 26-Feb-22 yes
The Rebirth @Romanus Yes
Valentine Music @Ayojay 13-Feb-22 Yes
NxM Projects Stream
EP Project Abuja @Elkush Yes
Sentiment @Nillynoon Awaiting Report
Unleashed @Hawwal Awaiting Report
Attraction/EP @DavidNice Awaiting Report
C1/Collaboration for Nigeria @JohnX 6-Feb-22 Yes

Thank you