[report] nxm discord may management and trivia on nxm discord server

Hello community members and councils @NxM @creativesdao-mods.
Hope we are all doing very well and our healths too,

This is a report for the Management of NXM DISCORD SERVER and TRIVIA held in the NXM DISCORD SERVER for the month of MAY. As earlier proposed [proposal] Trivia on NxM discord server “may 2022”

May had awesome projects in which new member where onboarded into the NXM community and it saw our Discord grow in numbers NxM 🎧 especially the Verified members,
We also added new community NFT in the #community-NFT channel of the server and we have began Publishing of Announcements to increase the reach and also have other attached servers see this informations.

In the month of MAY we had community projects held in the server using the Voice Channels #music-Clinic and #community-voices which held production seminar by BLAKE HARDEN

and also My WEB3 Semira project which had council members join in from the server and communicated with the attendees.

We also had discord TRIVIA in may NxM 🎧 with 12 participants and 51 entries, it was indeed an interesting month for this activity as we had winners by ranking of most correct entries and timing.
Winners are @Chrisjay $30, @larrsfiaskid $20 and @JohnWike $10
Totaling $60 As rewards for the Trivia

We are all very excited for the growth and we look forward to even more in the Month of June.
Thanks to the council member and members of this great Forum for the continuous support.

Requesting Discord Management for MAY: $200
Target: sammiee.near

I am Chukwu Nduka Samson, (Sammiee) NXM Discord moderator, I am happy to serve and I will continue to be of service.
NXM CARES :heart:

@Monish016 @Paul @bonepolice @williamx @rhymetaylor
For visibility


Thank you for the Wonderful Work


Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to try and be of value, to also contribute to the growth of the community, The near Ecosystem and NEAR it self.
I am humbled

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