[REPORT] NEAR Indonesia Guild for MAY, JUN, JUL 2022

Hello everyone, we are from NEAR Indonesia want inform things that we have done on May, Jun and Jul 2022

Referring to our proposal here : [APPROVED] NEAR Indonesia (May &June 2022)


  1. [Completed] 2500+ members on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Youtube
    Right now we have:
    1300+ members on Telegram
    536 followers on Instagram
    504 followers on twitter
    39 subs on Youtube

  2. [Completed] Onboard more than 50+ people to create NEAR Wallet with help of Svara DAO & NFTribe as our partner

  3. [On-Progress] Connect with Universities to use NEAR Protocol:

  • Universitas Mercubuana | Status : Meeting done, preparing for signing agreement
  • Universitas Sriwijaya | Status : Meeting scheduled
  • Universitas Multimedia Nusantara | Status : meeting re-scheduled
  • Universitas Bina Nusantara | Status : meeting scheduled

  1. [On-Progress] Onboard 15-20 people to join NEAR University program
    Currently only the NCD program is still actively running, we plan to do early onboarding so that participants are not “surprised” when implementing the NCD program.

To make this run smoothly, we asked Irfi (Lead Engineer Paras) to help with our program.

The NCE program is planned to be implemented next year so it cannot be followed at this time.

  1. [Completed] Collaborate with on-chain and external partner


1 NEAR Indonesia Exclusive Interview (3/4)

For the fourth interview, it was held with Nestercity which was rescheduled to be held in August

Medium Articles

Community Building

NEAR Drops



Partnership & AMA

Supporting NEAR Indonesia partners

Education Activities & Promotion

Partnering with NEAR Starter

AMA with UGI

Additional Report

For the purpose of introducing NEAR Indonesia to partners, we have released the website nearindonesia.com and have an office located in the same location as Paras Headquarters.


To be able to cooperate with universities, they questioned the legality of the NEAR Indonesia entity. For this reason, we plan to create a NEAR Indonesia foundation to make cooperation well in the future.