[APPROVED] NEAR Indonesia (May &June 2022)

Guild: NEAR Indonesia
Funding Scheme: 2 Months (May, June)
Previous Proposal Link: [Approved] NEAR Indonesia February/March 2022

Previous Month Report:
April Report: NEAR Indonesia FEB, MAR, APR report
Council : @riqi @derymars @agungdjs
Team member : @Elma @syntaxbegin @muclim

Note : We did not apply for funding in April because we think there is sufficient budget due to efficiency and it was Ramadhan. We only spent on paying graphic designers only in the last month, the rest we didn’t ask for anything.

So, here are the breakdowns for NEAR Indonesia activities on May and June


Till end of June, we are expecting to reach:

  • 2500+ members on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Youtube (Currently we counted have around ~1500 people in total)
  • Onboard more than 50+ people to create NEAR Wallet
  • Visit selected Universities to introduce and educate the students/lecturers about NEAR and bring them to join NEAR ecosystem
  • Onboard 15-20 people to join NEAR University program
  • Collaborate with on-chain and external partner


1. NEAR Indonesia Exclusive Interview (in Bahasa)

Currently the NEAR Indonesia community is becoming more solid, we have succeeded in gathering individuals who are already active in the NEAR global community but work individually and independently. Now we have gathered them together into the NEAR Indonesia community. We really support their activities as fellow Indonesians. We will conduct interviews about the projects they are working on, find highlights, insights and big visions from the speakers. Definitely by promoting their activities through our social media channels. We hope this will be a motivation for others to be more enthusiastic and more confident to join and create projects in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem

Providing interview session, infographics & mention specific post on social media channels)
Budget : 800 USD

Articles (4x)
Budget : 100 USD

2. Initiatives : NEAR Indonesia Academy

We are aware that it is time for us to move by attracting as many Developers and Entrepreneurs as possible in order to enliven the NEAR ecosystem. For this reason, we plan to hold site visits to several universities that accommodate lecturers and students who want to join the NCA/NCD/NCE program by NEAR University.

Region : Palembang
Campus : University of Sriwijaya, MDP, Palcomtech
Mini Seminar & Travel cost for site visit : 400 USD

Region : Jakarta
Campus : Binus University, Universitas Indonesia
Mini Seminar & Travel cost for site visit : 350 USD

We expect to attract at least 15-20 people to join the NEAR University program as a good start.

3. NEAR Indonesia NFT Workshop (2 times a month)

We are aware that the NFT artist community in Indonesia is very large and most of them join opensea. We have discussed this with the paras team, although we know that their priority is not that big towards onboarding local NFT artists, we still believe that the Indonesian market and the opportunity to board them are still very promising towards the vision of NEAR mass adoption.

Online Webinar : Premium zoom account already provided

Budget : 0 USD

4. Assist Onboarding Svara DAO members (est. 50 persons)

Wallet creation fee : 50 x 0.2 N = 10 N

5. Assist Onboarding NFTribe members (150 persons)

Wallet creation fee : already paid


1. Social Media Management (Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) :

Dedicated Graphic Designer (all in) - Budget : 350 USD
Telegram (moderator, bot) - 250 USD
Community Manager (400 USD x2) - 800 USD
This will include

  • Project management
  • Social media management and updates
  • AMA session
  • Onboarding session
  • NFT workshop & assisting
  • Ideation, scheduling, networking
  • Answering Inquiries
  • Sharing/Posting Content and activities

Budget : 1,400 USD

Article Translation on Medium (6x)
Budget : 240 USD


1. Cross Promotion w/ Local Influencer :

Doing AMA session w/ Influencer on their TG channels:
https://www.youtube.com/user/ShievoBooksRental/videos - Vivo Wibisono
Telegram: Contact @gudangkriptochat - Gudang Kripto

Reward : 100 USD in NEAR
Influencer fee : 75 USD
Budget : 175 USD

2. Trading Analysis Reward

Seeing the interest from Indonesian NEAR members who like to analyze NEAR price movements, we agreed to hold this activity which is held once a month. The best and most precise analysis will get a reward from NEAR Indonesia

Rank 1 : 35 USD
Rank 2 : 20 USD
Rank 3 : 15 USD
Rank 4 : 10 USD
Rank 5 : 5 USD
Budget : 85 USD

3. Giveaway x 2 @ 100 USD (Instagram & Twitter)
Budget : 200 USD

4. Members of the Month & Bot Tip (Telegram)
Budget : 150 USD

Total budget : 610 USD

5. Budget Summary

4x Interview : 800 USD
4x Articles : 100 USD
Article Translation on Medium : 240 USD
NEAR Indonesia Academy Initiatives : 750 USD
Onboarding SVARA DAO : 10 N
Social Media Management : 1,400 USD x 2 = 2,800 USD
Community Management : 610 USD x 2 = 1,220 USD

April Reimbursement : 350 USD
May- June Proposal : 5,910 USD + 10 N (May and June 2022)

Total Budget Requested: 6,260 USD + 10 N

Target address : near_indonesia.sputnikdao.near


Happy to support. Have a great day.

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Also happy to support

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thank you for your support! @Dacha @cryptocredit

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Thanks for your proposal,

I really appreciate the honesty and transparency in regards to the need for funding and skipping the proposal for April as it wasn’t needed.

I am also a big, big supporter of the education efforts, excited to see what comes out of the University reach out and enrolling students into the NEAR University programs.

Finally, you should connect with @BlockathonDAO - team is based in Australia and interested in setting up a NEAR APAC (Asia Pacific) event.

I’m happy to support this proposal, moving it to approved. You can now proceed with the Poll on AstroDAO


Hi Alejandro, thank you for the kind words!
Sure, we also think it’s time to start focusing on education to increase the number of developers and entrepreneurs.

We also have checked their proposal and quite impressed with the learning program in Blockathon :star_struck: :star_struck:. Will contact Daniel/ Paul after this asap!

We have submitted the proposal on AstroDao, please kindly check it on https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-328

cc @marketingdao-council

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