[Approved] January 2022 Marketing Activities budget for NEAR Indonesia Guild

Hi NEARians, Hello @marketingdao-council

Continuing our report as we mentioned in [REPORT] Near Indonesia Guild Report for NOV/DEC 21, about > 180 members joined our community and we already talk to several Crypto influencers in Indonesia to do collaborative works.

Last month, we spent some of our personal money to do a Giveaway program independently through Instagram channels of 10 N. The results were not quite as expected, but it can be seen from the increase in the number of members in the Telegram group community Near Indonesia. Unexpectedly, we also got the opportunity to hold an offline event at one of the leading universities in Indonesia! (still in the planning and discussion, but will not be done in this month).

To educate more people, of course we still have to focus on marketing activities and strengthen bonds between members in the Near Indonesia Guild at the same time. So this is our plan and proposal to continue this work and move to the next step:


1. NEAR Indonesia Guild Offline Gathering (collaborate with Near Meetup Project)
see it on Near Indonesia Meetup - Chapter Jakarta

Yes, now Near Indonesia Guild already has several members who are actively communicating in online groups and it is time for us to introduce the existence of the guild, build bonds between members and collaborate together to advance the guild and promote the Near Protocol ecosystem in Indonesia.

For the first step, we will hold an offline gathering and at the same time inaugurate the Near Indonesia Guild and use it for media exposure

Date/Time : It will be held at the end of January (around 29/30 January 2022)
Place : Central Jakarta, Indonesia (to be confirmed)

2. Social Media Moderation
We are nothing without social media. After evaluating, we agreed to carry out this activity by continuing to create, share content and update information about the Near Protocol and its ecosystem. Of course with a minimum budget first.

For the first step we are still focusing on Instagram and Twitter as the main channels and slowly but surely expanding to other channels.

3. Online Seminar & Discussion with Gudang Kripto, Paras, and Evolution Trading

Our goal is to do soft-selling about the Near Protocol, wrapped in the benefits and opportunities of the blockchain ecosystem for the future. At the same time also shows the existence of the Near Indonesia Guild and also Paras through the partners and audiences.

There will be 3 panelists as speakers, and 1 moderator from Near Indonesia guild (will guided by me)

We invite

Paras: as one of the pioneers of the NFT marketplace in Indonesia, which will provide testimonials and education on the potential of NFT in the future.
*(Paras must take place in this activity :rofl: :rofl:)

Evolution Trading: their founder is one of the pioneers promoting cryptocurrencies in Indonesia and has had many students from the crypto classes they opened. We know that their network of crypto enthusiasts is extraordinary. We had discussions and they accepted our invitation to hold this event soon.

Gudang Kripto: the only channel owner who is responsive to our invitations and very cooperative, focuses on crypto education in general and also has a group channel that has quite a number of members in it.

Topic : Peluang Blockchain, Cryptocurrency dan NFT bagi masa depan Indonesia (translated : Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFT opportunities for Indonesia’s future)
Date/Time : (1.5 hours) will be held on week 3 of January (around 22/23 January 2022) - TBC
Place : Zoom Meeting online / Youtube live


we are expecting to reach:

  • 500-1,000 members on Telegram

  • 200-500 followers on Instagram

  • 200-400 members on Twitter

  • new dedicated moderators for each categories in Telegram Groups : NFTs sub-category, Dev sub-category, Traders sub-category

  • content about NEAR in Indonesian Language


  1. For Meetups and Online gathering, we expect there will be more than 20 people will attend and have new dedicated moderators for each categories in Telegram Groups : NFTs sub-category, Dev sub-category, Traders sub-category. We expect have at least 1 person in charge in each category.
    We will report important and interesting points from the gathering and what are the expectations, inputs of community members for future guild development

  2. For social media, we set our success meaning as:
    Telegram Group : 30-50% of member active talking about the NEAR Ecosystem
    Instagram : Active Near Indonesia Instagram account - with the latest news, update and info about NEAR.
    Twitter : increase growth of followers at least 200% from now (currently we just only have 50 followers)
    and last but not least, we will start managing discord channel, facebook, YouTube and also Medium to translate Near updates in Indonesia language. For medium, we set 3 articles per week to be translated.

  3. For Online Discussion and Seminar, we got the data from our potential partners. We expect reach around 50-60% of their audiences and convert at least 10-15% of them to join us through our available channel.


  1. NEAR Indonesia Guild Offline Gathering (Meetups and Introduction of NEAR Indonesia)
  • Travel Budget for @derymars and @agungdjs (Palembang-Jakarta PP @2 Person) = 325 USD
  • Rent projector - 35 USD for 1 event
  • Rent space @ 3.5 hours - (free w/ minimal order)
  • meal and snacks for 30 people @ 8 usd = 240 USD
  • merchandise/souvenir for dedicated members and Quiz winners: 10 t-shirts @ 10 USD = 100 USD
  • printout indoor banner (backdrop) and 2 standing banners : 30 USD

Total: 730 USD

  1. Social Media Budget
    For social media management, we propose:
    $250 budget for content creation in all social media channels and help for creating banner for advertisement and promotion of events
    $150 for content planning and moderation in Twitter, Instagram
    $150 for translation for Medium articles in Bahasa Indonesia

To boost our reach on social media, we agree to try paid ads by spending small budget, $50 on instagram and $50 on twitter each.

Total: 650 USD

  1. Online Seminar & Discussion
    Fee for 2 invited panelists : 75 x 2 = 150 USD
    Merchandise (tshirt) for panelist + shipping : 14 USD x 3 = 42 USD
    Zoom Meeting account : free
    Quiz prizes during the event : 6 N for 3 best questions

Total : 192 USD + 6 N

Total Requested Amount: 1,572 USD + 6 N
Total in $NEAR = 111 N
*6 January 2022 (1 N = $15,1)

Thank you for your attention, we are open to questions and feedback regarding this activity.

Councils: @derymars @agungdjs @riqi
Wallet Address: indonesiaguild.near

Update Jan 10th 2022

We agree to collaborate w/ Near Meetup for Near Indonesia Guild gathering in Jakarta. So there is a change about requested cost :

Total Requested Amount: 842 USD + 6 N
Total in $NEAR = 67 N
*10 January 2022 (1 N = $14,1)


I think it is a good proposal.
But for the Online Seminar and Discussion, can you invite some Near projects from Indonesia?
Debio Network (https://twitter.com/DeBio_Network) team is based in Indonesia (so far as i know). The Founder of https://twitter.com/realitychain is also Indonesian and the founding members of Blockchain Association in Indonesia.

Near Protocol has a good foundation in Indonesia compared to other chains.
i.e Solana entered Indonesia market by approaching NFT influencers, and there is no real project built on Solana in Indonesia.

With good education and easier information access, Near potentially can grow big in here.

(P.S I am Indonesian)


Sure buddy @martine , thanks for the info. We will note this for further event which heavy concern on Near Protocol ecosystem (and of course we really have this intention in the future).

For this event, we would like talking about Blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrencies in general. I think you already know that our citizens just focus on profits so we need to attract their attention first hahaha.

*PS : there will be more amazing if you can introduce them to us and invite them to join Near Indonesia Guild. Of course I will contact them personally if it is possible :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass:

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Ok, i can intro you for the next event then (that specific to Near protocol).

Just shoot me a DM anytime.


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Good evening. I think you can collaborate with @jlwaugh and his Near Meet up project

Need to work with Twitter account, now I see only retweets there.
Tg group is alive and active .

Voting Yes, let’s see on your results in February :wave:

Have a great day and nice trip !


Alright, thanks for your support @Dacha. Will improve more on twitter account after this. :hugs:

We already schedule a meeting with @jlwaugh to collaborate


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3 days have passed, is there any feedback and suggestions from others? @marketingdao-council

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I support you guys on 100%. I’m so sorry for delay.

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Please be aware it can take up to 14 days for proposals to be reviewed, and this was shared just before the weekend :sweat_smile:

Happy to support this proposal, looking forward to seeing the report from the meetup! Please submit a funding request to the DAO :100:



We apologize to bother you mate, sorry :sweat_smile:

So, for the first activity we will move it into Community and Event category and collaborate with Near Meetup project by @jlwaugh

Thank you for your approval, will revise the main proposal above. The conclusion is, we requested only for Social Media Budget and Online Seminar & Discussion event with cost requirement 842 USD + 6 N


Ok cool, thanks for the info. Throw the DAO request in whenever you can :muscle: Have a good one!

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proposal was submitted, kindly check it at Astro

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @jcpacion @Grace @satojandro


Congratulations on all the work and progress so far!

Excited to see collaboration with other programs and initiatives such as NEAR Meetups. I feel like in-person events are key to building trust and relationships that are the catalyst for future collaboration.

I’m relatively close in Australia, would love to be able to attend a Meetup in Jakarta over the next few months and meet you all in person.

I support this proposal. It has now been passed by Council and funds are available in your nominated address.