[Approved] NEAR Indonesia February/March 2022

Hello NEAR buddies,

With the support of the NF Core team, Marketing DAO Council and also NEAR Indonesia members, surprisingly we succeeded in building the NEAR community in Indonesia even though we still have a lot of work to improve.

We recapitulate the progress of the NEAR Indonesia community in several points, including:

Community Building

things that have improved :

  1. Some NEAR Indonesia members voluntarily support the promotion by providing their owned NFT to be shared with other members who wants to join community. :beer:

  2. We invite and encourage members who have the capacity to give sharing sessions to community members who are still new to the ecosystem and dapps in NEAR

  3. We will start initiating activities proposed by members who want to develop their capacity, for example: NFT music, education for NFT artists. We plan to make an Official Request Form which they can fill out to hold events as long as it is in line with spirit of NEAR Protocol and meets the aspects of transparency and accountability.

  4. We synergize with platforms/dapps in NEAR such as Paras, Mintbase, RealityChain so that they can be well received by the Indonesian people. Of course we are very happy to communicate with the dapps/project owner on NEAR they need help, both in terms of promotion, communication or even being connected with the party ther want to connect.

  5. Last but not least, we are very happy to be able to communicate well with other guilds to collaborate and help each other. Thanks to @gonemultichain , you are a great collaborator and really inspiring us!

Social Media

Regarding social media, here is a brief review of the current condition:

Telegram Group
NEAR Indonesia HQ : 426 members - 2 moderators

NEAR Indonesia NFT 57 members - 2 moderators




Partnership & Promotion

  1. We connect with 2 NFT Workshop provider in Indonesia (upakarya & idnft) and introduce them to Paras and Mintbase, hopefully this is become a good step to introduce NEAR’s NFT platform in Indonesia

  2. We plan to provide sponsors to promote NEAR Indonesia in this workshop and provide special sessions in front of the participants. (still under discussion)

From the explanation above, we plan to hold marketing and promotion activities for NEAR Indonesia in February and March. (some of which are already in progress).


In this two months, we dont only want to increasing the engagement, but also grow further our Indonesia community by participating in the event, gaining exposure and building cooperation with various relevant partners.

That’s why we want highlight these activities:

  1. Live webinar session, once in a month. Heavy concern on educational discussions, can discuss about the crypto market, the world of NFT, developers or even reviews of apps built on NEAR. Collaboration is the key, speakers can also be from internal members, 3rd party or project owner on NEAR. That’s why we need a zoom account to be able to use it repeatedly.

  2. AMA session with Telegram: Contact @bitkeepindonesia, talking about NEAR Ecosystem & updates

  3. Giveaway & Quiz on Telegram/Twitter/Instagram, to engage new user, appreciate the most contributing and active members in the group

  4. NFT workshop sponsorship, we want to give a presentation related to NEAR and invite them to apply for NEAR wallet and use the applications on NEAR

  5. We force others to do “soft promotion” by distributing NEAR t-shirts, they are proud to wear them!


Till end of March, we are expecting to reach:

  • 1000+ members on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter
  • Onboard more than 100+ people to create NEAR Wallet
  • Published on several well-known media sites, promoted by partner media and reach the audience they have


Successful activities till end of March meaning:

  1. Active Telegram group, talking about the NEAR Ecosystem, updates and recent issues.
  2. Active NEAR Indonesia Instagram & Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR.
  3. Give presentation about NEAR on AMA and in the workshop session.
  4. Produce 6-7 articles in Indonesia about the NEAR ecosystem on Medium, Instagram : 13-15 post each month, Twitter : 1-3x post each day
  5. Successfully planned and initiated activities with NEAR Indonesia members


Total costs (February and March): 4380 USD + 22 $NEAR

If you guys have questions and give feedback, we are very open and happy to hear it! :beer: :indonesia:


Hallo @marketingdao-council.

Did you reviewed it?
@David_NEAR @Dacha @jcatnear @Grace @satojandro

Good evening, thank you for detailed proposal. Yes, from me.
Could you please create one article about games on Near protocol on Medium (as I see you planed 6) and couple posts in social media ? Thanks


Thanks for always being awesome and supportive! Of course, we will do it. Thanks for the feedback and for reminding us!


Just wanted to clarify- how many unique Social media posts each month you’re doing?

Other than that- this looks great. Keep it up!


Thanks for your proposal and all the work you do in the ecosystem.

I am happy to support this proposal.

My only recommendations going forward would be to include a Developers recruiting and training component to the Guild. I believe NEAR Hispano is an excellent example of a regional guild with very clear and ambitious KPIs around the number of NEAR Certified Developers they are creating by recruiting people for NEAR Education programs.

Indonesia already has two solid teams with Paras and Reality Chain, and with such a young and large population, I believe it can really grow to be a major player in software development and pioneers in NEAR ecosystem.


Here is the breakdown:

Instagram : 13-15 post each month
Twitter : 1-3x post each day

But we will try to divide it into several categories to be more focused (for example: news, education, NFT, partnership, upcoming event)

thanks for reminding, will update it in main proposal!

Of course, this has been discussed in our guild. In fact, it is very difficult to find blockchain-specific Dev talent. (we also observe the group, only small number people have the intention and initiate the topic)

But Don’t worry we will not give up~

we are planning to realize it by collaborating with related partners, at least by inviting them to join the NEAR University program, the Indonesia Guild can maintain communication and direct them to join the NEAR Ecosystem

14 days have passed, any feedback? @marketingdao-council

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Moving this to Approved


Thank you David!

Just inform you that our proposal was submitted, kindly check it on Astro
cc @marketingdao-council