Report: First Immersion Week Of Community Moderation

Hey NEARians,

I hope you all doing good.

This report created intended to express my first immersion week of community moderation. So hey guys, this is Jitendra Naik. I have been following NEAR since 2019, and then later in 2020, I started the NEAR India guild, through which I began to contribute to the NEARverse then in August 2021, I got the opportunity to manage SputnikDAO’s Twitter with the guidance of @starpause and thanks to @AnaNastya for giving this opportunity.

Then later in September, I got an email about joining NEARverse as a community moderator. I applied for it without delay because I realized this role could help me work more closely with the NEAR team by using my NEARverse experience to help the community. Later in October, I got an invitation for an interview by @jcatnear, and for the first time in my life, I interviewed by a person that I already knew, which was a good experience for me.

On 11th November, I started my community immersion week and thanked @jcatnear, @KriptoRaptor, @Benz_Near, and @stanisnear for their warm welcome and guidance.

Now let’s discuss my immersion week on various channels.

Moderating Reddit turned out very beneficial because helping the community with the suitable reply and right post about NEARvers helped me gain 125upvotes and 4+ Reddit awards in less than a week.

Discord is where I spent most of my time during this immersion week because I found most of the mods are active on Telegram. On a single question, 2-3 mods are replying, but in Discord, questions from the community sometimes take 5-10minute or more than that to get their first reply, so I tried to give a quick response during my shift on Discord.

In Discord, I did three common things
1-Replied community with the appropriate answer.
2-Redirected community members to the right place like technical questions to #Devsupport, aurora related questions to Aurora discord - Aurora Labs, and so on.
3-Reported scammers on Discord.

I also realized there are some servers we are missing, like #Bug-report and #Ecosystem-team. On the #Bug-report server anyone from the community can report bugs in the NEARverse, and #Ecosystem-team server can be the place for all devs of NEARverse ecosystem projects.

It is the place second after Discord, where I faced community and did the same like Discord. Here also did three basic things that I Replied community with the appropriate answer, Redirected community members to the right place and reported scams which I enjoyed lots.

In this report, I’m not going to mention community improvement ideas because I’m already doing that with my daily report and let’s keep this report short and sweet.

Lastly, I would Like to thank again to @KriptoRaptor for NEAR quick responses FAQs, which helped me a lot to face community questions, and I also created NEAR quick responses FAQs with some questions that are missing in the NEAR quick responses FAQs by @KriptoRaptor

Best regards
Jitendra Naik


It was a great experience working with you! :heart:
The only mod I’ve seen yet who managed all three channels greatly!! Looking forward to have you onboard! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Discord doesn’t sends all chat notification so it’s kinda hard responding to them quickly but thanks to you for managing that! :sunglasses::wink:


Thank you for sharing! Love to learn about your journey. Welcome to the team :raised_hands:t4:

Show your passion, show you care!


:blush: Thank you so much for your appreciation!

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Thank you so much :pray: happy to be part of this revolution.

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You really did great Mate.
Your impact was felt.


Thank you so much :heart: love to work with you guys

great job you’re doing out there. thank you for contributions on faq too!