[REPORT] muti DAO January Marketing Report

Project Name: muti DAO Marketing support February

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: muti.sputnik-dao.near

543.59 USD have been requested, not received yet, due to the new payment process.

Updated Project Timeline: This report concerns the period of time between the 1st and the 28th of January 2022, and this is the second month we got funding for social media support.


We had a week-long, intensive artist residency in collaboration and hosted by Ouriço, a cultural space located in Parede, Portugal. Having Ouriço and the artists we hosted sharing and engaging with our content helped us increase our organic reach and gave us a lot more daily content, especially when it comes to Instagram stories.

All the online events we had scheduled for this month happened successfully. We had 4 music streams and 1 DeFi workshop. This not only attracted more people to our pages but also provided us with more content which allowed us to finally start working on our Youtube channel. We uploaded a total of 7 videos.

We created 5 Facebook ads in order to increase the visibility of our Facebook page and promote our music streams. We reached 7.492 new accounts, increased the number of people engaging with our Facebook content and the amount of people attending our events on Cryptovoxels.

Overall, we increased the amount of content we created, posted and shared across all of our social media channels.

Metrics: (goal: 8 new followers per week for IG and Twitter, 5 new followers per week for FB and Youtube)

Instagram: Our IG page reached our followers goal once again gaining 107 new followers, which is around 26,7 followers per week. We increased the content we put out by posting around 4 posts a week and several stories everyday. We had less account reach compared to last month but we believe this can be explained by the fact that, during December, we had an open call promo running which inevitably caused a spike in our numbers. Our Instagram reach this month was mostly organic and unpaid.

IG stats jan

Twitter: We have 47 new followers (growth of 17,3%), posted 67 tweets and have shared updates from our DAO.

Telegram: We have now 105 members in the TG group, held 3 community calls and are building the community by sharing bounties, funding options, news & tutorials in there: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Facebook: For FB we increased the content by posting more regularly and it obviously reflected on the numbers. The followers goal was reached, we gained 26 new followers / 6,5 per week which represent a growth of 117%, compared to last month. We also had a growth of 98% in our page visualisations (129 total) and our post engagement also went up by 80%. Again, the only numbers that went down were our page reach, for the same reasons as Instagram.

Youtube: Our YT channel got 214 views this month, 7 new subscribers and we now have a total of 23 subscribers. We still don’t have a completely defined strategy for our channel but we started promoting it a lot more on Instagram and Twitter and increased the content we uploaded . Even though we did not meet the subscribers goal, our channel still showed some growth.

Website: The website is currently being built and we are in touch with Minting Music to add a marketplace for the NFTs, eventually also tickets and redeemable items.

Learnings: Organic growth is good and always welcome but we’ll keep on using the FB & IG promotional tools especially for events & to promote the Youtube channel. We also believe these tools will be particularly useful in creating promotional campaigns for our Mintbase store due to their ability to market our NFT content for a specific audience instead of the general public.

Next Steps: We plan on taking advantage of the channels where we have a bigger number of followers and where the reach is a bit more easy to achieve organically (Instagram and Twitter) in order to promote our platforms with less audience like Facebook and Youtube.

Keep developing a specific strategy for the Youtube channel content and also to promote our Mintbase store and all the NFT drops.

Working further on the website development.

Thank you and please make sure you follow us! :smiley:


Sorry, about it. I propose to your DAO request 3-months funding in the next time.