[Approved] Marketing mutiDAO February

DAO: muti DAO

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: Social Media Management February & Website development

Links: @muti.collective | Linktree

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Our social media channels keep on growing where most of it happens organically. We use the ad campaigns for the events in the Metaverse to bring more newcomers into the world of web3.

As you can see we are publishing content every day & also interact daily on Twitter. Our Telegram group is not only being used to share projects to current members, we also receive newcomers who ask to receive infos about to set up streams, conversions, general questions about the NEAR ecosystem, funding possibilities, how to create a DAO or DeFi etc.

We still would like to push our Mintbase store more and hope that the Flying Rhino Guild is able to connect/promote specifically the NFTs in this month, as they might have more connections to an audience that is looking for digital art.

The remaining tasks are covered by mutiDAO.

The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

  • FB

    • Management: daily content, creating events for the online streams and events & sharing 200 USD x N
    • Actively growing the followers through 4 campaigns, one per each online stream from the muti.on events 50 USD x N
  • IG:

    • Management: posting daily, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile - 200 USD x N
  • Twitter:

    • min. 3 posts & retweets per week about streams, events, collaborations & funding options (through the gov. forum) - 200 USD x N
  • Youtube/Twitch:

    • Collecting artist info & creating the promotion
    • Upload & promotion of content from streams, workshops, premiers & events (usually min. 4 per month)
    • Cross Promotion through other channels- 200 USD x N
  • TG:

    • Community calls
    • Sharing of bounties/ possibilities in the ecosystem & nurturing DAO to DAO / artist collabs through actively connecting them with other artists
    • Reviewing funding proposals & updates, explaining DAO functions, payouts etc. - 200 USD x N
  • Content Creation:

    • As we’re posting daily and need different formats for all platforms, creating the visual with a coherent language has become more time intensive
    • Creating videos, posts, Reels, Stories/Tweets - for all platforms - 200 USD
  • Canva pro: to create visual content for the channels 27.40 USD x N

(For February and March if possible, as this would would allow us using the pro version if the approved budget will arrive with a delay)

  • Website in development:

(We’re in discussion with Minting Music to create an integrated Marketplace on the website for NFTs, Tickets & redeemables)

Current numbers:

  • FB: 152 Followers
  • IG: 486 Followers
  • Twitter: 339 Followers
  • Youtube : 26 followers
  • TG: 106 Members


Reaching the following numbers by the end of the month:

FB: reaching 165 followers

IG: reaching 510 followers

Twitter: reach 370 followers

Youtube: reach 35 followers

TG: grow to 115 members

Note: At the point of submitting this proposal we have not received the January budget yet, KYC and poll has already been submitted.

Amount: 1277.40 USD
Target: muticollective.near /KYC through @tabear


Hey guys,

Keep up the awesome work, happy to approve.

cc @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


Support it. Happy to approve too.


Thanks a lot @David_NEAR & @Dacha. I assume we’ll wait for the remaining council & advisors to let us know the final result then?

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Will move it to Approved tomorrow if there are no further comments


Looks great. Nice structure.


Thank you very much!

Poll in Astro is here:

1N=12.56 USD (coingecko 9.2., 10:22 am GMT)

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