[Report] June 2022: Motion Dao Argentina Hub, Creative Programming and VI Residence

June is the month in which Motion DAO’s Argentina Hub began its activities as a member of the organization and using funds provided by the Foundation.
The first activity was an online workshop on creative programming for dance:


The Workshop consisted of addressing creative programming for dance through the Isadora visual programming language and its projection on the new Web.3. It is aimed at dancers, choreographers, directors, set designers and any artist or student related to dance, but it is also open to practitioners of the performing arts, visual artists and musicians, among others, in order to form an interdisciplinary group.

Although the period of study ended, the material produced, both the didactic and the artistic produced, will be exhibited on a web page and in a virtual room at https://nearhub.club/ or a similar platform.

Enrollment was 35 people, of which about 25 started the course, creating a similar number of walllets. It is not yet clear how many of these wallets are going to be permanent and are going to have sustained activity, which is why their funding is still small. At the moment an evaluation of this result is premature.

The other projected activity begins on July 4, so it should not be included in this report. But since registration closed on June 24 and there are 20 selected participants, we can give some preliminary results.

The activity consists of an intensive Residency in a theater in Buenos Aires from July 4 to 9, 6 hours a day of work and a final exhibition. It is the sixth edition that our team has carried out, the first in collaboration with Motion DAO within the framework of the NEAR ecosystem.

Of the twenty selected artists there are eight who are not from the city of Buenos Aires, coming to participate from different cities in Argentina, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

So far, 10 funded wallets have been created with 0.5 near each one at the moment. We hope to create the 20 for each of the attendees and increase their amount in nears to be able to carry out the proposed activities.

The final objective of this Residency is that the members can develop scenic artistic projects and exhibit them on the last day of the Residency at Al Escenario in a show open to the public. Records of the work and the exhibition, in addition to other materials, will be used as a source to mint NFTs in the NEAR blockchain and create a web page and a virtual space with the didactic and artistic materials of the activity.

In the next report I will give an account of the updated results of the two activities, which, as I explained in a previous post, are the beginning of a longer-term project that includes the creation of a sustainable and collaborative economic system.


This Saturday, July 9, we are going to make an exhibition of works that emerged from the VI Residencia


Miguel Aguirre filmmaker, musician, photographer, Valparaíso, Chile, in Buenos Aires. postboy.near.
Lautaro Covellone, audiovisual producer. by Florencio Varela, Province of Buenos Aires.
Paco Damitio, sound technician and co-creator of the space Al Escenario. French in Buenos Aires.
Patricia Feldman photographer, cultural manager. From Buenos Aires.
Yasmin Frione, dancer, performer, choreographer, acrobat. From Buenos Aires.
Carolina Garcia Atencio. Dancer. Argentina in Quito, Ecuador.
Ernesto Sebastian Greco Scenic Artists/Graphic Designer/Performer. Castelar, Province of Buenos Aires.
Estrella Millaray, assistant director and theater directing student. From Puerto Montt, Chile, in Buenos Aires.
Juan José Peralta Olaechea audiovisual photographer. From Lima, Peru, now in Buenos Aires. Carola Reboredo, dancer, plastic artist, teacher, video. Córdoba.
Eliseo Rocca, multimedia artist. Buenos Aires.
Lucía Roig Seigneur, sound artist, choreographer and frontend/video game developer. Buenos Aires.
Juan Rolón actor, theater teacher, living statue. Programmer, web designer. General Roca, Río Negro.
Leonardo Rueda photographer, UNA multimedia student. From Virrey del Pino, suburban, now in CABA.
Sophie Veber, multimedia artist and creator of the Al Escenario space. French in Buenos Aires. Juan PaVillalobos Lights, Mapping, Realization and postproduction. Costa Rica.

Their wallets:


Thanks to Motion DAO and the NEAR ecosystem for making it possible.