Argentina Node, June activities

Argentina Node

The Argentina node of Motion DAO is a space aimed at facilitating the realization of performative works that include the art of movement and use interactive digital technology for the processing of image and sound in real time, through formative, artistic and communicational actions. It is based on 11 continuous years of workshops, residencies, exhibitions and participation in works of the InTAD group,,, formed by professors of the National University of the Arts and directed by Aníbal Zorrilla. It consists of the creation of a collaborative economy network through the adoption of the NEAR blockchain as a medium of exchange for goods and services and belonging to Motion DAO, which after a sufficient initial investment during 2022 generates a number of economically sustainable events in the traditional art market and in the new field of the crypto economy.

In June InTAD and its partners go to do this course: Virtual workshop “Creative Programming for Dance on the Web.3” (May-June 2022)

The Workshop consists of approaching creative programming for dance through the Isadora visual programming language and its projection on the new Web.3. It is aimed at dancers,

choreographers, directors, set designers and any artist or student related to dance, but it is also open to practitioners of the performing arts, visual artists and musicians, among others, in order to form an interdisciplinary group.


During the development of the workshop, NFTs will be minted in Paras, in the InTAD collection: InTAD in Paras

Residency in “Al Escenario”, an unconventional space of multimedia arts.

The Equipo de Investigación en Tecnología Aplicada a la Danza, InTAD, Al Escenario, Motion DAO and DANCE-TECH in preparing this space of a week of Residency as an area for research, experimentation and creation around the performing arts mediated by interactive technologie multimedia and the Web.3

In “Al Escenario”, there will be an exhibition of the works open to the public. The residency consists of the creation of a number of multimedia performative installations in a work-in-progress state but advanced enough to make an exhibition. The call is open and participants will be selected so that four or five groups can be formed with participants from different disciplines. Each group will include at least one practitioner of the movement arts. The Isadora visual programming language is used to include real-time image and sound processing. The installations must have interactive elements, either with the performers, the environment or the public. The duration is one week with six-hour days at least from Monday to Friday and an open exhibition on Saturday. Records of the work and exhibition, in addition to other materials, will be used as a source to mint NFTs on the NEAR blockchain.

Artists from Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Costa Rica, as well as several Argentine cities, have already committed their participation.


This is part of a larger activity that includes a Laboratory of artistic creation and a great exhibition at the end of the year, and the creation of a community economy system based on the NEAR protocol. For this reason, a scholarship is included for the participants so that the groups can start working with this perspective.

The exhibition «Desbordes, Cuerpos, Interacciones 2», a product of the Laboratory held during the year 2018, was a party of sound, color, song, dance, interactions, and overflows. Daniela Morone made a video with the records of some performances, not all of them.

Desbordes, cuerpos, interacciones 2 - C.C. MATTA

Ángela Babuin made a video about the montage:

Desbordes, cuerpos, interacciones 2

From June, activities will be organized to incorporate artists into activities related to blockchain technology and tokenization. Many artists of the movement and the scene feel this area very far from their experiences and their interests, so it is very important a strong dissemination action in that sense, so that they see that there is a path of value creation for their productions. The actions will initially be virtual workshops of monthly frequency and permanent advice for registration in dance-tech, participation in the Crypto in Motion group, the creation of its wallets and the production of tokenizable material such as NFT, in a first stage. At the same time, as participants acquire the necessary skills, a collaborative economy network will be created using cryptocurrency NEAR through a website with the modality of “market place”, where participants make their offers of goods and services, so that the funds received are not exchanged directly in an exchange but remain in circulation within the Buenos Aires Hub. The node will be organized in the manner of a cooperative, with a director and an initial working group that then tends to decentralization and collective decision-making, from its expansion through a membership mechanism with qualitative criteria.

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