[Report] MotionDAO Argentina Hub September Report

During the month of September, the Argentina Hub of MotionDAO carried out the planned activities in part, and in another part it was necessary to postpone them for reasons external to our team.

In August 31 I attended this important forum, and I realized this NFT collection.

On Monday the 12th we held a meeting with dance artists from the city of Mar del Plata to incorporate them into the collaborative economy project that is the central project of our group. Authorities from the city’s dance school participated, among other actors from the local culture.

Then the InTAD workshop on technology at the scene was held, with a reasonable degree of participation according to the characteristics of the place.

On the 22nd to 24th I was in the city of Córdoba in this congress: https://congresosemaformay.wixsite.com/ritmo2022. Although the theme was not related to dance and technology, I was able to spread the collaborative economy project that we are developing among colleagues from several Argentine universities.

The Hackathon activity had to be postponed since the institution that hosted it did not make use of the venue as promised. It will be held as soon as possible in another space.

We continue with the collaborative economy project, for now divided into two groups, InTAD and RedPanal. We had two meetings with each of the groups and we are going to carry out a complete simulation of the creation of a DAO per group on the NEAR testnet, so that the members become familiar with the tools and possibilities that the protocol offers.

We have started a very important movement for our two communities, InTAD and RedPanal, which consists of the creation of a sustainable, community and decentralized economic system that encompasses both organizations and is the support of our artistic achievements and personal and community projects.