[Proposal] September. MotionDAO Argentina Node: InTAD and RedPanal next steps towards a collaborative economy in NEAR

Target wallet: anzorrilla.near
Total request fund: 400$ USD

In the month of September, I personally and the Argentina Hub are going to carry out a varied number of activities.

From Monday the 12th to Saturday the 17th, as part of InTAD activities, I will carry out two simultaneous activities, one at the School and the other at the Hostel Theater. Both consist of an introduction to the use of interactive digital technology with Isadora on stage.

On Monday the 12th I am going to gather a group of guests at the Hostel to talk about MotionDAO and the NEAR protocol. As the organization of this activity does not depend on me, I do not know what result I can expect, but I will not let the opportunity pass.

From the 21st to the 25th I will be in the city of Córdoba to participate in this congress. Since the professor from the local University, Carola Reboredo, who participated in the July workshops and the performance at Documenta, lives there, I am going to meet with her and other colleagues to continue working on the InTAD collaborative economy project.

On September 30 and October 1, I will hold, together with RedPanal, an NFT creation event based on the recording of stage and sound performances in real time. The event will be mixed, participants can attend the place or connect from their homes.

The objective is that in addition to creating their wallets and NFTs, the participants approach the practice of the mechanisms and tools of the web.3 in a playful and collective activity. That is why the activities will not be very different from those of the July workshop:

• Wallet creation with Neardrop. Transfer of funds between wallets.
• Logging into Paras and creating a collection.
• Card creation and minting.
• Characteristics of NFTs: file types, price, royalties, editions.
• Purchase, sale and transfer.
• NFT as a tool for promoting artistic activities, social media and messaging services.
• Uses of NFT such as tickets, certificates and event registrations, among others.

I expect a large attendance, but I cannot give an estimate.

Wallets funding: USD 100.-
Software licences: USD 100.-
Space rental for the NFT event: USD 100.-
Instructor: USD 100.-

Total: USD 400.-