[Proposal] August. MotionDAO Argentina Node: Workshop 'From InTAD and RedPanal towards a collaborative economy in NEAR'

Target wallet: anzorrilla.near
Total request fund: 300$ USD

Project proposal:

During the second fortnight of the month of August I am going to do a six-hour workshop for the members of two artistic groups, in order to introduce them to blockchain technology, the creation of NFTs and the most important tools of the web.3. The objective of the activity is to create a group of participants committed to the formation of a collaborative economy collective, which can be formalized through a DAO, a guild or another type of organization that the participants propose.

  • Wallet creation with Neardrop. Transfer of funds between wallets.
  • Logging into Paras and creating a collection.
  • Card creation and minting.
  • Characteristics of NFTs: file types, price, royalties, editions.
  • Purchase, sale and transfer.
  • NFT as a tool for promoting artistic activities, social media and messaging services.
  • Uses of NFT such as tickets, certificates and event registrations, among others.
  • What is a DAO.
  • Decision-making mechanisms in a DAO.
  • Project for the formation of a community of artists who participate in a collaborative and decentralized economic system.
  • Establishment of a common fund for the launch of the community

Expected number of participants: 20.

Wallets funding: USD 100.-
Common fund to start community activities: USD 100.-
Instructor: USD 100.-

Websites of the organizations: RedPanal, RedPanal blog, InTAD, InTAD blog, InTAD en MotionDAO.

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