[Proposal] October. MotionDAO Argentina Node: InTAD and RedPanal towards a collaborative economy in NEAR

During the month of October, I continue to hold meetings every 15 days with the InTAD and RedPanal groups for the project to create a collaborative and sustainable economic system. The difficulties are not few, among them the distance between some artists and the crypto world is very important.

Incentive request: 100 USD.

Within this framework, I am going to take part in the course “Currency Design for Social Change Agents”, being offered by MetaCurrency group. I will use the course as an opportunity to start the research on possible implementations for a future Argentina Hub token. This course focuses on ReFi - Regenerative Finance, and has top notch instructors from the field. This course will allow me to present the inclusion of web.3 in artistic activity in a more comprehensive way than the idea of ​​financial speculation that causes mistrust in many people who make up the groups mentioned above.

Incentive request: 100 USD (to cover the early bird registration fee)

The InTAD group will participate in the TOTAL DIGITAL event in Coburg, Germany, organized by @mcpoieses, with a performance that will include participants from Argentina, Germany and Panama. The performance is called “We Are All in the Same Place” and its theme is diversity and inclusion.

In addition, we are going to carry out the NFT creation event based on the recording of stage and sound performances in real time. This event was scheduled for last month but for reasons external to us it had to be postponed.


The objective is that in addition to creating their wallets and NFTs, the participants approach the practice of the mechanisms and tools of the web.3 in a playful and collective activity. That is why the activities will not be very different from those of the July workshop:

• Wallet creation with Neardrop. Transfer of funds between wallets.
• Logging into Paras and creating a collection.
• Card creation and minting.
• Characteristics of NFTs: file types, price, royalties, editions.
• Purchase, sale and transfer.
• NFT as a tool for promoting artistic activities, social media and messaging services.
• Uses of NFT such as tickets, certificates and event registrations, among others.

Target wallet: anzorrilla.near

Total requested: 200 USD