[APPROVED] Community Management & Council work AUGUST

This was the last month for me as as Community manager and Guild leader of Arroz Criativo, new staff changes can be found here

Oneliner/ Summary: Community Management of Arroz Criativo DAO in AUGUST

Project members: @tabear

Total h spent: 27.25

Target: tabea.near

Requested amount: 5N (tipbot) + 191N = 196N


Quick summary of the fulfilled community management tasks in August:

  • biweekly syncs with @mecsbecs & @chloe
  • Orga of 2 workshops
  • setting up the Hackathon Challenge
  • TG management
  • Dao council Management
  • Guild leader calls
  • Forum administration & physical community organisation
  • 4 crypto integration team meetings & 1h prep time
  • meetings with @lamour & @laurapnz regarding the merchandise project & possible DAO creation
  • meeting with RAIZ to prepare fist proposal & DAO creation
  • meeting with @JulianaM & @Mette for planting air & council transition
  • finance overview & August report

In order to have more funding available for the residents and due to the amount of 200N per council member as well as the higher value of N this month, the community management & council payment will be merged this month and only 200N will be requested for the work done.