[REPORT] Mission Onboarding - DAOrecords x Harmonic Guild (Part 1)

PROPOSAL - Mission Onboarding

BOUNTY WINNER - Harmonic Guild

This proposal will be updated as the project will be deployed in the coming days then we will move to the next phase - FAQ section, Artist engagement & bounties and Marketing the dapp.


We begin this mission with posting a Bounty post and call for a collaborator to build TR33 back in April 2023.

Since then I’ve been on 5 calls with the Harmonic Guild team as we worked together to put all the elements of the dapp together.

The results of which can be seen below.

This is the Main Page where people will be able to search for Artists using TR33

These are the other pages that are relevant to the dapp (to be fine tuned upon deployment)

The Personalization Page is where users will input their data. A “bio” section will be added to this page so a custom short bio can be included in the profile


As Harmonic Guild built out the core pages, the main integration is for the “Claim Account” link on the Profile Page. This was done by integrating ShardDog without the NFT element. This choice was made for security reasons and the help us avoid abuse.


The dapp will be deployed on onboarding.daorecords.io and will be going live over the next few days.


Upon deployment we will release $2,250 USDC to Harmoic Guild and then begin the next Phase of activating artists to use the dapp, posting the FAQ and promoting across both Web2 and Web3 channels with Pr3sense and A4A as stated in our proposal.

Thank you for your patience and we are excited to action this proposal!

cc @creativesdao-council

We will include future REPORT updates in this thread as required


Great work, Vandal & crew



You can now go to onboarding.daorecords.org to sign up for your TR33 :tada:

Our V1 interface looks like this:

Quick Fixes Underway:

  • Adding a View Profile Button in the Edit Profile Page
  • Adding a custom image Link (from url) for Featured NFT to allow for full NFT image display

Next Steps:

  • Onboarding: Once the quick fixes are done we will be getting more artists to create their own TR33 through an incentivized onboarding initiative
  • Marketing: Once we have some more artists onboarded we will begin our marketing campaign with Pr3sense and A4A

Thanks again for the support @creativesdao-council


This looks fantastic! Trying it out