[Bounty Closed] Mission: Onboarding - Web App Development Opportunity

Greetings Bounty Hunters!

[Bounty Closed]

Our proposal has been approved by the @creativesdao-council and we’re excited to announce this bounty for the creation of our Onboarding Dapp!

If you’re interested in applying for this opportunity to work together on something useful for us and the broader ecosystem then scroll down, read through the details and follow the instructions below!


This bounty is open to members of the NEAR development community interested in helping us create a simple tool artists can use to onboard their friends and fans!

Bounty Application Intake:
April 1st - April 8th 2023

Bounty winner announcement:
April 10th 2023

Bounty Award Amount:
$2,250 in USDC

Payment Terms:
Awarded upon completion of work outlined below. Funds are already in the DAO and can be verified. You will need to create a proposal to the DAOrecords DAO for the bounty to be paid out.

Link to our approved Governance Forum Post - https://gov.near.org/t/approved-daorecords-mission-onboarding-april-may-2023/33337/1


We want to build a simple Web App that is similar to Linktree, which can be used by Near artists to both promote themselves as well as onboard their friends and supporters.

We’re looking for someone, or a team, who can handle the following:

  • Simple front end user interface
  • Keypom Integration

The features should include, but are not limited to, the following:

User Dashboard

  • Sign-In with Near wallet

  • Upload Avatar Image

  • Name input field

  • Link input fields
    Near Social

  • Link input field to NFT
    (Optional thumbnail image upload)

  • Keypom unique claim link generator


  • Single-Page

  • Mobile-Friendly

Here’s an example of what it might look like

TR33 Splash Page 1
TR33 Dash Page 1

Application Process:

  • Reply in the comments below with some links to your previous work
  • Include any relevant experience you or your team have
  • Tell us why you’re interested in participating in this bounty

Depending on the level of interest and number of applicants we might decided to have a call with you in order to determine the winner of the bounty.

Development Process:

Upon being selected as the winner of the bounty we will have a call with you to go over the details of the development process as outlined in our original post.

Thank You :pray: & Good Luck :tada:


This is a link to by work

  • I have worked with a team in building a cross platform web application for a media company that has enabled an easy payment integration for the the payment of their services by their clients

My interest in this application is a result of my believe in bear’s Eco system and the solution it is able to provide in the web3 and decentralized community ,so I believe I can contribute to the eco system,here by propagating it’s mission with skills I have in Web design and development and also improve the accessibility and usuablity by its user putting into consideration a human centered design approach that makes it easy for all to use and access.


We moved this from the Creatives tag to Development to catch more eyes :pray:


Good move bro. Letssssssssssss go!!!


Hello Vandal, We would love to make the web app.

My name is Juan Peña: NEAR Certified Developer by NEAR Hispano, NEAR Certified Instructor by NEAR University, with background in multiple programming languages.

Main RUST Developer, Leader of the Project.

LinkedIn - Github

Ignacio Marchesini: NEAR Certified Analyst by NEAR Hispano, Frontend Developer, and financial background.

Main JavaScript/Typescript Frontend Developer.

LinkedIn - Github

Project winner of the second place Mintbase Sponsor in the Hackathon:

Sponsor Challenge Prize | Second Place

Some of my teaching RUST repos: (Juan Peña)


Marchesini Ignacio

https://www.passarelladiosa.com/ (Private repository, ecommerce, non disclosure)

GitHub - IkkeLucky/nexoaccesorios.github.io: Pagina web y catalogo para Nexo Accesorios ( https://www.nexoaccesorios.com/ )

And more experience in RUST / NEAR / Mintbase.

We can start the project tomorrow if necessary, would love to have a call with you to hear all the details to make your idea reality.

Hope to get the opportunity, have a great day.

Juan Peña


Jaswinder here from Harmonic Guild.

1. We have been experimenting with the original Linkdrop contract since last year and now been working on Keypom contracts.

2. We have built marketplaces on top of Mintbase -

3. We have built free claim site on top of a Linkdrop Contract -

Now migrating this site to latest KeyPom back end.

4. We are also the Co-creators of the Enrollmint - NFT Membership platform on NEAR.

5. We also built headless airdrops using QR codes for MarmaJ Con. These were of 3 kinds. An NFT, an FT (MarmaJ Token), A DAO membership proposal airdrop.

Here is the custom smart contract we wrote for enabling linkdrops for DAO proposal. The feature suggestion was later acknowlegded by the Keypom team and they added it to their v2 code base.

We also worked on a DAO Proposal airdrop for EthDenver. Which we had to take down because of Bot Attack. Since then we are working to make airdrops more secure.

Harmonic Guild has been one of groups working on Keypom extensively since Day 1. We are currently experimenting with trial accounts and collaborating with Keypom team to roll it out for music fests in summer. We are very confident that we are good fit for this bounty.

We are interested in this bounty because this task align very much with what Harmonic Guild believes in, which is onboarding musicians to web3 in an as frictionless way as possible. We also believe in composable software engineering and hence believe that lot of player in the ecosystem should be able to use the code base we build to power their dApps with KeyPom.


Can’t wait for this to be LIVE.
:fist_right: :fist_left:


Thank you everyone who submitted for this bounty!

It was a tough decision to make, but between @jeph & @nacho.near and @jaswinder6991 we came to our decision due to ONE specific reason - Experience working with and integrating Keypom.

Lastly, a thank you to @Issyglobal for your enthusiasm! With that said, despite not being selected for this bounty we aim to have more bounties coming and will seriously consider your teams for the next one!

The winner of this bounty is @jaswinder6991 :tada:

We will be in touch to move to the next phase of this project.

Thanks again everyone!


Thank you @vandal for considering my entry, and I can wait to see this project come to fruition
Shoutout to the winner