[APPROVED] MintbaseDAO March

Hello everyone, hello CreativesDAO

Contact Name: @marianeu

Guild: Mintbase

Target Address: mintbase.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 1194,37

Funding Period: March 2022

Requested amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

Let’s start with our permanent bounties


We expect to be paying up to five moderators ~ 500USD


Up to 5 articles - 900 USD


86,5N (966,205USD) for onboarding, opening of a store for photographers, and a bounty to create a flyer.

500usd in near for coordinating the onboarding of 50 new photographers (45,12N)


At least 16,5N (184,305USD)


Ghini needs to be paid ± 500 USD in Near for her service onboarding women and trans artists to gambiarra


150 USD need to be paid to the tutor and 150USD for the edition of three short videos

Repeating what I had described in the report about february:

We created onboarding campaigns via createbase.near Neardrop account. Because of the BUG that was confusing wallets, the funds were taken from mintbase2.near

Through this BUG the funds were taken from the wrong wallet and should be re-paid.


For onboarding we used

2,8N + 53,2N + 28,2N + 49.2N = 133,4N = 1534,1USD

Which need to at least partially be given back to mintbase2.near from the MintbaseDAO.

Totalling 5384,61 USD. We know that we can only get 5k and thats okay.



Hey MintbaseDAO! Great to see all you continuously are doing :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the bug… would love to understand deeper if there is anything that can be avoided in the future for others.

Your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators! Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts


Hi @adrianseneca

the bug was taken care of actually! On github someone had already noted.

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