[CLOSED] Reddit admin & moderation of Mintbase and NEARNFT channels. 100 USD (in NEAR) per channel

Earn 100 USD in NEAR as a moderator & admin per channel per month! :slight_smile:

  1. Speak to @reginamintbase to check if you can be added as an admin on the reddit channels. (Mintbase / NEARNFT’s )
  2. Moderate the channels and post regularly. Please get creative, engage in conversations, talk about Mintbase and its features. DO NOT just copy our tweets.
  3. Don’t post exclusively in our two channels but do crossposting in other big ones like NFT , NFTsMarketplace , NFTexchange
  4. Reward users and grow a community.
    5. At the end of each month, please reply below and briefly comment on how much the community grew and provide quick stats (share some metrics). Then, submit a payout proposal. BONUS : if you do exceptional work growing our community we will be happy to reward you with a bigger prize in NEAR.
  5. Submit a payout proposal with the “target” being your NEAR account and the value being 100 USD (in NEAR) per channel. (AstroDAO .
  6. Use the forum link from your reply for your “Link to the discussion” needed in your payout proposal.

If you’ve worked with us in the past via this bounty - [CLOSED] Reddit bounty active until november 2021 - please do not reapply unless asked otherwise. Thanks for understanding!


Hey @reginamintbase ! , The Funds from Createbase are Moved to Astro DAO From Sputnik! Maybe the Post needs an update to Astro Link!

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Thanks Monish! Changed


Hello, I would like to help with the administration of the reddit channels.

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I am open to contribute in Spanish if you wish c;

i am twitter.com/NearMultiverse at Twitter

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Hi @FRANCIELLEALEXO & @Butneversaved thanks for the interest! Could you tell us a bit more about your moderation & social media experience?

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  • Spanish Moderator (Faucethub.io) 2017-20218
  • Moderator, Community Manager at Ontology Spanish (Currently)
  • Spanish Regional Ambassador Meta Pool(Currently)
  • Spanish Moderator at LunarCrush (Currently)
  • Advisor, Spanish Moderator, CM at Sesameseed.org (now unifiprotocol.com)
  • Social Media manager with my personal accounts

With English I manage very well, I am not a native English. However, I would like to know if that skill is essential.


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This is great, thank you! Shall we set up a call to discuss further? Reach me on @nogueiraregina on Telegram so we can schedule a time.

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Hello I’m u/NEARMEME on Reddit , I am a admin and moderation of Mintbase and NearNFT channels in December. I will submit a proposal. Thank you so much!

Hello my name is nightshift107 and I am interested in being a mod for the discord + reddit of mintbase and here is why I think I am the right man for the job-

I have been on discord since 2018, I own my own discord server (nah I’m server tho) with over 700 members, I am an admin on skull Dao server with over 1500 members and I know everything there is to know about how discord works.

Apart from my discord experience, I also am very proficient in English with a 7.5 score in IELTS, and since I am from the IST (Indian) time zone, I would be able to provide support when most of the staff may be busy with work or may be asleep.

Although, I admit, my experience with reddit may be limited to just upvoting memes, I am familiar with how the interface works and am confident I would be able to moderate the subreddit after a brief introduction of how to do so.

Apart from all this I am an nft artist myself on mintbase and many other blockchains like solana, matic, hive, tezos and eth.

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Hi am psalm, u/psalmyb on Reddit, am a moderator for mintbase on both channel (mintbase and NearNFT) a brief of how I moderated for mintbase December.
It was quiet challenging though cause it was a festive period, I enjoy being a moderator cause I post interactive posts, most time I post question about mintbase to interact and get people to engage more on mintbase, what I do to grow mintbase, I make a post on mintbase and most time share or cross post to other community {r/NFT, r/NFTsMarkerplace and r/ NFTExchange} on Reddit so it would be easy for people from other community to join Mintbase through the cross post, I less share post from other community to mintbase, also reply comments and answer few questions about mintbase…
My highest upvotes is 7upvote, which was a meme I made myself, cause I noticed pictures and memes attracts member to interact

Some exceptional work I did was discussing with people privately about mintbase, which I would share some metrics on

These are some people I discussed with about mintbase.
And I had great time working with my colleagues, expirience team work and support.
@reginamintbase also great work leading :blush:
Near current price today 14.7$

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Hello @reginamintbase can I still join? I’m interested on advertising Mintbase especially for aspiring artist and also to old ones by talking about Mintbase feature and it’s utility.

Hello Mintbase Team
Thank You @reginamintbase for giving me this opportunity.

Hi, am @Albhion
u/teaweird on Reddit, I am Minttbase Reddit Channel Moderator December and Still Continue

This month we did something different as we are engaging to our own channel, this time we expand our Reddit posting on different NFT channels which make other people curious about our post and redirect them to our Reddit channel Mintbase
u/NFT | u/NFTsMarketplace and NFTthings we target this channel as they crossed 270K followers and active community responding every post we publish
This month we didn’t work like moderators, but as an active community so people can freely get influenced by us.

In some of the posts we got more than 5 upvotes and good comments also, We are not showing them we are moderators but still, we influence people through our post about Mintbase.
I gained followers in the Reddit channel and silver rewarded by some people.

Some of the posts from different communities:

Happy Sunday :sparkles:

Please submit payout proposal on AstroDAO

Please submit payout proposal on AstroDAO as well

Hi Eli! Atm we’re not currently accepting new entries for the bounty, but we’ll be sure to reach out if we do :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reaching out @nightshift107! As per our call, we need to review internally whether we’ll move fwd with discord moderation - should have an answer by end of the week latest :slight_smile:

Noted, thank you for your response. :blush:

alright! I cannot wait to hear from you guys :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello Mintbase Team!
u/NEARMEME on Reddit, I’m the January Minttbase Reddit Moderator and still going.

This month, we continue to post on major channels such as: r/NFT, r/NFTCollect, r/NFTExchange, r/NFTCollect etc. to attract more people interested in Mintbase (This section has been updated in table according to Reddit).
In addition, I made Aridrops of NFTs on Mintbase and attracted a lot of people’s interest. I think it will be a good way of marketing if we have a specific strategy with it!

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