[REPORT] Malaysia Guild Report JUL-AUG

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Our KPIs on the last funding round were to achieve, by end of September:
• 500 members on Telegram and Twitter
• 100 new NEAR Wallets by Malaysians
• 100 attendees to physical event
• 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer)

Today, we are here:
• 800 members on Telegram and 1,000 members on Twitter.
• 112 Wallets registered by Malaysians
• 117 + 130 attendees to our physical event
• 5 subscribers to NCE and 8 subscribers to NCD. 6 subscribers to NCA. Several users using the on-demand training at Near University and Near Academy.
• Our Education Hub (by SEED Academy) has started to give trainings to universities, with several hundreds students trained.
You are going to see in the report below that we have achieved wonderful milestones these two past months!

The number of followers increased from 680 to 1000 followers (a 47% growth)

The number of followers increased from 680 to 800 followers (an 18% growth)

These two months were absolutely packed with activities. Here are some highlights:

  1. One of our council members, Antonio, spoke in the Future Trends Summit from 1st to 3rd July.
    Title: The L1 blockchain wars.


  1. We organized the first MyBUILDERS event. IT was a total success and you can see our separate report here.

  2. After receiving more than 30 subsmissions for our Logo Contest, we launched a poll on 12th Jul:

And selected the winner among more than 100 votes a week later: https://twitter.com/near_malaysia/status/1548247724948332544?s=46&t=iagLaVjpi4TqpY_nOiGukQ

  1. We attended and helped organize the launch of 3six9 NFT marketplace at the GMBB, Kuala Lumpur. It was a wonderful event with 200 attendees from different Web3 communities and artistic / creative communities:

  2. We hosted an AMA with Fusotao Protocol and StaderLabs on 18th October. We were just shy of reaching 100 listeners!

6 After confirming the presence of 4 of our Guild Council members in NEARCON (Antonio and Ann as hackers, Kelson and Beryn as project representatives), we coordinated with different Malaysian projects (Meteor, Together, …) whether they needed some help from us on their behalf in the event.

  1. Part of our council, together with NEAR Singapore, visited Tezos APAC HQ on 25th July in SG:

  2. We helped kickstart Near SG on 30 July. 4 council members were there organizing (logistics, merchandise), and speaking!

  1. We hosted an AMA with Octopus network and Huobi on 8 Aug:

  2. WE participated in Builders Night event by our close partner Asia Pacific University (APU) on 13th Aug:

  1. We attended NEARStarter DAO-of-Guilds kickstart on 15th Aug:

  2. We participated in the First Web3 talk with Seed and Singaporean and Malaysian universities on 17 Aug:

  3. A lot of preparation behind the scenes with Asia Pacific University and ACCESS for the L1 Multichain Voyage, that was scheduled for early September (will be detailed in our next bi-monthly report):

  4. We amplified the reach, and attended, the first AMA of our sister guild, Aurora Malaysia Guild, on 25th July. They had an AMA with NEX Market, which was the first time this project jumped on a mike to explain their product and roadmap! More than 100 attendees on that grand premiere of this great Aurora protocol:

Other than in the events outlined above, we met virtually two times and physically two times.

We are more optimistic than ever that this community we are forming is something very special. Thanks to everyone that’s supporting us. The list is very long, but you know who you are.


tagging the usual suspects for feedback, @Dacha @satojandro @Klint @derymars

btw is a bi-monthly report acceptable, or we should try our best to keep it monthly? we apologize for the delay, L1 Multichain Voyage preparation + NEARCON + Token2049 got us completely side-tracked when it comes to reporting.


Hy @gonemultichain I am interesting on NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer) How to get this or how to bring to Cambodia Near Guild.

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As usual, one of the most active communities with indefatigable output. Always impressed with their consistent engagements and projects that benefit all on near.

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