[REPORT] MyBUILDERS Kick-off Event by Near Malaysia

Hi there, Near Malaysia Council here.


As explained in previous posts, Near Malaysia has a strong commitment to help groom the entrepreneurial spirit of the country, and of the South East Asian (SEA) region in general.

This is why we launched MyBUILDERS (short for “Malaysian builders”). This meeting aims to provide a common ground for brainstorming & networking.

It is worth noting that, while Near Malaysia is tremendously positive on the Near & Aurora technology, we are an open community that welcomes people from all crypto-places (chain-agnostic) and we are continuously looking to building bridges with other existing communities (e.g existing Malaysian communities of Ethereum, Cardano, Fantom, Terra, …) We believe with this approach we can become a household name of the Malaysian & Asian blockchain space.


This report aims to :

  1. Serve as a blueprint in case other Guilds want to follow suit

  2. Provide a framework upon which we can all contribute, feedback, and improve. Therefore, please feel free to share your feedback so we can make these kind of events very useful for the community.


You can find our promotional post here:

We promoted the event on several Twitter and Telegram channels, as well as with other Malaysian communities. WE kept it moderate for now because we wanted a sweet spot of 30-40 builders (due to venue size and since it was our first event).


Our first event happened last Sunday 10th July at Le Pont, in Kuchai Lama neighbourhood, KL. We booked the second floor of their café to host a maximum of ~50 pax.

The event took place from 11am to 3pm.

Attendance steadily grew up to ~30-35 at noon. The ambience was informal and many interesting conversation arised:

  • About current bottlenecks on building on Rust / Solidity
  • About fundraising in the current adverse conditions
  • About chain migration / expansion
  • About NEAR Grants, NEAR foundation, Aurora.

We counted with many founders and team members from projects building on:

  • BSC
  • Terra
  • Solana
  • Octopus
  • And of course… NEAR & Aurora.

Some others were still deciding what chain to launch, so the insights from others were very positives.

In terms of project categories, we saw:

  • NFT projects and marketplaces
  • DeFi
  • Web3 Wallets
  • GameFi
  • Wellness 2 Earn
  • Interoperability infra.
  • Multichain payment terminals

We were extremely grateful to count with two of the biggest Malaysian blockchain heavyweights :slight_smile:

  • Aaron Ting, co-founder of Octopus Network.
  • Jason Chew, ACCESS Vice-President.

Both mentored and gave advice to several founders asking feedback about their projects and go-to-market strategy. What a way to start the myBUILDERS series!


  • We followed up with several founders that had asked us to connect with others, to give more information on Building on NEAR, on NEAR Grants, etc.
  • We created an anonymous feedback form to hear from them what would they improve for next sessions: https://forms.gle/ai7fyStftmiGs3J38


  • To add team-building / ice-breaking activity
  • Talk to @Dacha to see potential cross-collaboration between the GameFi builders and Human Guild
  • Invite other people from Singapore or let them know in case they are in KL
  • Replicate this BUILDERS event in Singapore once Near Singapore is activated, cc @constance.near

And you? What improvement or suggestion you would like us to implement?

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As one of the Near Malaysia community council, i would say it is nice to connect with the builders in Malaysia. We will definitely have more in the future!

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Hey @gonemultichain this is so cool! Let’s collaborate and do one in Singapore in the coming month!! What do you say :star_struck: :star_struck: