[REPORT] Malaysia Guild APRIL 2022

Hello everyone, Good Morning! NEAR Malaysia Guild was created 15 Feb.
Our previous March Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild Report MARCH 2022

April Report highlights:

  • 250% member growth in Twitter and 300% member growth in Telegram
  • 27k views in Youtube & Tiktok
  • 151 people tuned in our first Twitter Spaces
  • 58 .near wallets created
  • Substrate Developer Training ongoing
  • Big partnerships secured for our first-ever physical event on 14th May!


1.1. —TWITTER—

The number of followers increased from 161 to 399 followers (a 2.5x growth)


The number of followers increased from 153 to 462 followers (a 3x growth!)


Social media council member @asyraf.near has created two Youtube videos with a combined count of 3,100 views

1.4 —TIKTOK—

Social media council member @asyra has created four Tiktok videos with a combined count of 24,500 views!

first near malaysia Twitterspace

why near price rocketing?

focus in NEAR this 2022.

3 reason why I invest in NEAR



Some relevant event and milestones this month:

  • A Substrate Course , whose kick-off happened 1st April, is underway. A separate report on this soon.

  • Metapool Staking Rewards hit the wallets of the 30 Malaysians that participated on 5th april

  • Near Malaysia & Octopus AMA on 15th April

  • Near Malaysia AMA “Coffee Chat” with the community on 24th April. 153 people tuned in!!!


NEAR Malaysia Guild collaborated with Octopus Network and APU University to have first ever batch of Substrate Developers Training starting 1st April 2022. Thank you @kelsontoh for the great organization!

In total, we have 20 participants including 2 TAs (Unique One), 3 academics and 6 students from APU, 4 students from NEAR Malaysia Guild, 3 students from BOTR and 2 more from Unique One.

3 classes out of 7 have been conducted so far.

Participants are now forming groups to prepare for a 2 weeks mini-hackathon about making a Substrate product and winning the grants in a total of 4k USD worth of OCT tokens. After this training, all the teams will attend Octopus Network’s Accelerator programme. Each winner will be funded by Octopus Network with 50,000 USD worth of OCT tokens.


  • The cumulative number of NEAR wallets created by Malaysians (via Telegram group, Youtube videos, staking party ,… ) stands at 58 (up from 40 end of March).
    Do note that 58 is the number of wallets we have ben able to track. Given the 2k views on Asyraf video, the number is likely much higher.
  • Malaysia Guild members NCE: 2 completed, 0 signed
  • Malaysia Guild members NCD: 3 completed, 0 signed
  • Malaysia Guild members NCA: 1 signed.
  • Malaysia Guild members that signed for Dacade Blockchain training: 0 signed.
  • Malaysia Guild members in Substrate course: 7 ongoing 20 others signed and will be taken into account for next batches.

These are rookie numbers related to education, but we gotta pump this up in the month of May. :wink:



Other than in the events outlined above, we met virtually two times and physically two times.
The topics discussed were:

  • Future activities
  • Physical event (organization, logistics, agenda)
  • Near University: how to foster participation.
  • Near Malaysia medium-term self-sustainability (what sources of revenue could we have so we don’t have to depend on Near’s funding).


This May, we have :

  1. Several AMAs lined up (we want to make it a weekly thing, in Twitter Spaces).

  2. Our grand Kick-off event on 14th May (52 people registered so far, with 7 more days left to register):

For this event, organized by @beryn, we have managed to secure great partnerships:
• APU university
• Octopus Network
• Atocha Protocol
• Metapool (new Staking Party!)

We have also reached out to Terra, Fantom, Cardano, and Polygon communities in Malaysia. We have set ourselves the ambitious goal to make of this the biggest crypto gathering event so far in Malaysia (biggest one ~100 pax by ACCESS in 2021).

  1. Our Logo Contest, organized by @wesleychong21 in Partnership with Nearbase ($150 in NEAR up for grabs, and open to all NEARians!): https://medium.com/@nearmalaysia/near-malaysia-nearbase-logo-contest-dc95f907555f


We are happy with the growth achieved during this first month. It has been extremely hectic to onboard more than 300 people in our platform and help with wallet creation / DeFi / NFT advices!

One point to highlight is the extreme diversity of the people joining us: some come referred by Bicara Krypto & Sekola Krypto Youtube and social media channels, other come from other DeFi ecosystems in Malaysia like Terra or Fantom, many others came to us through some kind of NFT event, others came here recommended by our sponsors Atocha, AP University, Octopus…

Diversity is our strenght! Onwards!


Tagging @derymars @dacha @satojandro @so608 @simeon4real @FritzWorm @LuisAponte99 @Klint
We are a very young guild and we are enjoying a lot, we would love to hear your suggestions for improvement!


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As a Malaysian, really impressed with the growth of the Guild. For info I was #12 joining, hope you can consider me for “OG” role.

I am looking forward to your event on Saturday 14. So far attended Staking party and both Twitter spaces and I love the vibes.

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Looking forward to connect with you guys on 14 May!


Hi Mo, definitely an OG! Thanks for your kind words. Keep active, participate in the events & engage with Near University. Way to go!

Kim, thank you for your dynamism from Atocha Protocol ! Definitely a great asset to have such a vibrant community at home.
Looking forward to meeting in person too.


Thanks for the thorough report and congrats on the early growth & progress!

HI @gonemultichain

Hope you are doing well

Great, let’s take a quick call soon and we can discuss new ideas. Amazing job out there.

Luis Aponte

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