[REPORT] Malaysia Guild MAY-JUN

March Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild Report MARCH 2022
April Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild APRIL 2022
Funding Proposal Mar-Apr: [Approved] Funding for NEAR Malaysia Guild (Mar-Apr)

Our KPIs on the last funding round were to achieve, in 2 months:
• 500 members on Telegram and Twitter
• 100 new NEAR Wallets by Malaysians
• 100 attendees to physical event
• 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer)

Today, we are here:
• 680 members on Telegram and 680 members on Twitter.
• 112 Wallets registered by Malaysians
• 117 attendees to our physical event
• 5 subscribers to NCE and 8 subscribers to NCD. 6 subscribers to NCA. Several users using the on-demand training at Near University and Near Academy.
• Started to build our own Education Hub proposal to be able to give trainings ourselves.

You are going to see in the report below that we have achieved wonderful milestones these two past months!

The number of followers increased from 399 to 680 followers (a 70% growth)

The number of followers increased from 153 to 680 followers (a 4.4x growth!)


Some relevant events and milestones:

  1. The Substrate Course is on track. Kicked off on 1st April and as we near the 3rd month, Hackaton is about to start!, @kelsontoh Is coordinating with Octopus Network and Asia Pacific University on it…

  2. Near Malaysia NFT Talk on 1st of May. Invited Aajaib, a Malaysian NFT influencer! 62 people tuned in.


  1. Our grand Kick-off event on 14th May. 112 people attended.

For this event, we managed to secure great partnerships:
• APU university
• Octopus Network
• Atocha Protocol
• Metapool
• Unique Network

We reached out to Terra, Fantom, Cardano, and Polygon communities in Malaysia. As well as other established players in the NFT and DeFi space.

  1. We joined Asia Pacific University event about Web3, featuring Jason Chew. A wonderful event with our now-inseparable friends!


  1. WE joined Together Coin (Malaysian proejct launching in Near) for their investor session. @kelsontoh presented Octopus Network.

  1. Near Malaysia was featured on the first “KYC Know Your Community” Program by Stader Near. Check the beautiful thread they made about us!
  1. Near Malaysia AMA with Stader Labs on 20th June. A whopping 129 people tuned in. More than 100 questions were dropped in Twitter, and we curated the best 14 to be asked to the Stader Team.

  1. Discussion with MRANTI (government linked institution under the Ministry of Science & Innovation) about potential partnership to give training about blockchain to Malaysians.

  1. AMA with NearStarter incubator & Few and Far NFT marketplace on 25th June.

Other than in the events outlined above, we met virtually three times and physically two times.
The topics discussed were:

  • Future activities
  • Physical event (organization, logistics, agenda)
  • Near University: how to foster participation.  difficult because of the availability of courses, but several people reportedly signing for on-demand courses.
  • Near Education HUB proposal for ASEAN: @kelson leading this front contacting all guilds in South East Asia
  • Possible partnership with myEG, a public listed company in Malaysia which has adopted blockchain services (CEX, EVM-compatible permissioned L1 blockchain, etc)
  • Near Malaysia medium-term self-sustainability (what sources of revenue could we have so we don’t have to depend on Near’s funding).

We have secured Asia Pacific University auditorium (800pax attendance, see pictures above on event #4) as our FREE event venue !


These are some of the events we have lined up for July and August.

  1. Several AMAs lined up (aiming to do at least one every 2 weeks).

  2. myBuilders (Malaysian builders) meeting for brainstorming & networking (scheduled first half of July, we want to make this a monthly thing)

  3. Attendance to events by partners & friends in the community (BNB Chain, Starkware, Future Trends…

  4. Attendance to university events (APU).

  5. Featured Speech on L1 Blockchains at the Future Trends Summit on 1st to 3rd July.

  6. August: next big physical event. Topic: L1 blockchains & Web3 Entrepreneurship.

  7. Start of the Referral partnership with Stader.

  8. Participation on Atocha, Octopus, Near Starter events.

  9. Study potential collaborations with Women In Blockchain Asia (WIBA) and other universities in the region.

  10. Finalize collaborations with MRANTI, myEG & Zetrix Blockchain.

For this, we will be posting a funding proposal shortly.

We love the community we are forming. We are pouring our sould into it, and we love it. We sincerely hope Near can support the overflowing talent this country and this region has!


Tagging our amazing team: @kelsontoh @beryn @asyraf.near @bladen16.near @wesleychong21

Tagging the people from MarketingDAO that made this possible thanks to their generous funding @Dacha @satojandro @so608 @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR. THANK YOU.

More and more excited news coming from Near Malaysia!!!