March Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild Report MARCH 2022

April Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild APRIL 2022

May-Jun Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild MAY-JUN

Jul-Aug Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild Report JUL-AUG

Our KPIs on the last funding round were to achieve, by end of September:
• 500 members on Telegram and Twitter
• 100 new NEAR Wallets by Malaysians
• 100 attendees to physical event
• 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer)

Today, we are here:
• 900 members on Telegram and 1,480 members on Twitter.
• 138 Wallets registered by Malaysians
• 117 + 130 attendees to our physical event
• 5 subscribers to NCE and 8 subscribers to NCD. 6 subscribers to NCA. Several users using the on-demand training at Near University and Near Academy.
• Our Education Hub (by SEED Academy) has started to give trainings to universities, with several hundreds students trained.

You are going to see in the report below that we have achieved wonderful milestones these two past months!


The number of followers increased from 1000 to 1480 followers (a 48% growth)


The number of followers increased from 800 to 900 followers (an 11% growth)


These two months were absolutely packed with activities. Here are some highlights:

  • 4 SEP: we co-organized Multichain Voyage with our friends at ACCESS and Asia Pacific University.
    • 15 wonderful speakers: 9 blockchains and a Panel on Web3 entrepreneurship!

  • 12 to 15 SEP: we attended NEARCON.
    • Kelson, Beryn, Antonio, and Ann represented NEAR Malaysia in NEARCON. Other illustrious Malaysians included
      • EY from Aurigami
      • Edward (CO from MeteorWallet)
      • Oliver & Vandal (half Malaysians at heart!)
    • Edward (Meteor Wallet) and Ann (SEED) participated in the NEARCON Hackaton.
    • SEED team won the NEARCON Hackaton under the track Future of Work!

The Council was able to meet IRL with many of the projects we had had AMAs and workshops before, like Trisolaris, Decentral Bank, or Metapool.

We were equally fortunate to meet with other Guild Councils from places like Venezuela, Vietnam, or Korea!

  • 26, 27, 28, 29 SEP: we attended Token 2049.
    • Again Kelson, Beryn, Antonio and Ann congregated in Singapore for the event of the year in Asia!
    • Yanzer & Kayel (Together), Edward (Meteor Wallet), John & Dexter (Sender wallet) came there too!
    • We attended the Web3 GALA side event by Map Protocol, CertiK, and NEAR!

  • 20 OCT: AMA with Unique One. This Octopus network Appchain is having a busy Q4, with IDO in the next 2 weeks! The audience numbers blew up our expectations.



  • 22 OCT: NEAR Malaysia council, together with two born and bred Malaysian projects, Sender Wallet and 3six9 marketplace, attended TEDx Petaling event, with more than a thousand attendees, physically in Kuala Lumpur !

  • 23 OCT: We organized the second edition of MyBUILDERS event. 35 people defyied the mighty tropical thunderstorm that we were gifted that day, and made it to the Rooftop deck where we were supposed to have a sunset dinner & drinks!


In the next two months, to close the year, we will work together with SEED to create some courses that cater to university students. We will hold AMAs with teams like Fluxus and Roketo.


Other than in the events outlined above, we met virtually two times.


We are happy of what we are creating ! Thanks to everyone that’s supporting us.


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