[Report] Kawa-Kami Virtual Version - part 1

After two months of residency with the artist Erika Kobayashi, an exhibition opening and 2 performance acts at Casarão do Chá, today (March 27th) was the last day of the physical exhibition of “Kawa-Kami”.

I produced a lot of new media materials, showing the process of the exhibition and I’m about to launch a custom gallery with the best selection of it.
I had some technical difficulties with the audio and video files, that I am currently taking care of in order to mint everything as soon as possible and launch the virtual exhibition in 3XR.
I had to delay the launching date because of these difficulties, so I intend to have it ready in the first week of April.

(performance poster - Confluência)

For now I have some NFTs available for you to see in my personal store

Expect for another report containing more details very soon.

Thank you so much again for the support.


Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to see the virtual exhibition!

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