[REPORT] Kawa-kami project

Project Name: Kawa-Kami

Project Status: [In Progress]

Updated Project Timeline: In the month of December I started out the Residency at Casarão and I have been learning ceramics with the local artists. I went to the place several times, took images and inspiration from it.
I minted 10 new NFTs in [Incubadora Mintbase Store] with some images of sketchs and prototypes of some of the artpieces I will be producing in the following months, plus some images of the surroundings.


*I am learning a lot with Miha Nakatani, a professional ceramist and artist. I am [deeply enjoying] this whole experience of spending some time in the middle of the woods, surrounded by nature.

** I find it difficult to transform text into NFTs. Something that I will figure out for the next month cause there are lots of content to share.

Next Steps:
*** Up until now I was using my phone to capture images and sounds. For the next month I will be using professional tools so I will have more finished art digital objects.



Well done @JulianaM !! Thanks for the report, can’t wait to see more!! :grin::star_struck:


The third part of this report is available here:

expect for another one in April (after the virtual launching)