[APPROVED] Kawa-Kami Virtual Version co-funding

Some months ago I proposed this project to Incubadora DAO: [Kawa Kami Virtual Version]

Summary of the project

I’d like to create a virtual version of the artistic process that will happen physically in Nature (Atlantic forest, River Source, Casarão’s surroundings) and during my occupation at Casarão do Chá. That will happen in the metaverse (3XR space). I’m going to mint NFTs of different materials collected during the physical residency such as videos, drawings, photographs, audio recordings and so on. The idea is to use the virtual possibility to share/show what is happening locally to a wider audience and highlight the artistic process (work in progress) in a different way. The custom gallery created will be launched in March (with multiplayer). For this purpose I’ll ask for support from Incubadora DAO and VR DAO.

Therefore, I’d like to ask support from VR-DAO, for this following part of the project (for the month of March) :

  • March: Curation, technical creation of the virtual exhibition. Virtual gallery (3XR custom gallery) opening/launching

amount requested: 500$ (to be requested to the VR DAO)

Thanks a lot for the attention and support!