[REPORT] 2 Kawa-Kami Project - January

Project Name: Kawa-Kami

Project Status: [In Progress]

Updated Project Timeline:

In the month of January I finished my ceramics art pieces with the guidance of the artist and ceramist Miha Nakatani both at Casarão do Chá and also at Casa da Cerâmica Nakatani (home and studio of the great ceramist Akinori Nakatani and his family including Miha). I also finished the art works that would integrate the installation, one of them I finished using my father’s old sewing machine to draw several lines along the 15m cotton fabric. The other one was made with wood and golden leaf and I got help from my father/assistant/master (he knew how to deal with wood, different than me).

After some conversations with another members of Incubadora, we decided to revamp our MIntbase Store. So I burned all the NFTs related to this project that were there. In alternative, I started fresh minting NFTs in my personal store, with split Revenue with Incubadora DAO and VR DAO as well as with Erika (kikks.near). I am giving more attention to the images and files I am minting, so it is taking more time than expected. I expect to mint the other 20 files as soon as possible.


  • On the 6th of February I opened the exhibition at Casarão do Chá with a Tea Ceremony performed by the artist Erika Kobayashi. It was a very beautiful and powerful moment for me.

credits: Lou Gaioto


  • I feel I need to save more time just for the minting process, cause it is a time consuming process, more than I was expecting.

Next Steps:

*Produce some video contents
*Produce more audio NFTs
*MInt + 20 files
*Research on the new features of 3XR + propose the collaboration with the VR DAO
*Set up a communication strategy to promote the Virtual Exhibition

Links and Images: