Community Moderator (My One Week Immersion Experience)

Greetings to everyone in the NEAR Community.
It was a great experience I had in the past one week to have undergone my one week immersion as a community moderator.

My experience in the past as a crypto enthusiast, having served as ambassador to other communities before, it was an added advantage for me to work effectively.

I started my one week immersion on 12th November 2021. We started with an introduction class and explanation of our duties by @jcatnear, @KriptoRaptor , @Benz_Near, and @stanisnear. It was a great session with other community moderator candidates.

During this one week, I engaged in conversions with community members; helping them with answers to questions and making the online communities lively. This was done by collective efforts with other community moderator candidates as I.
The activities highlighted below.

  1. Engagement in the Discord channels to help out with issues relating to NEAR protocol. Reporting Scams and leading people to the right channels for their answers and solution to their problems.

  2. On Telegram also, it had to do with answering questions, reporting Scams; we were able to discover telegram groups created to Scam people of their tokens. Image below.

  3. On Reddit; my activities on Reddit are almost to nothing as I had issues using reddit on my devices. Username israel_igboze.

  4. Physically, with my knowledge of community guilds, I was able to use this opportunity more to get people aware of NEAR Protocol ecosystem and the great resources it posses. Did this by educating friends, and school students.

  5. I was able to update the community members also with up coming events and letting them know Admins won’t DM First. Infact, we made that a priority. This was done by use of stickers, emojis and stern statements.

  6. I went as far as using LinkedIn to get more people to also apply for the online Community Moderator job so as to help make NEAR communities more engaging.

Special thanks to all our Senior Community Moderators
I also thank @shreyas who has been my ever help and guide in the NEAR Community.

Also thanks to my fellow community moderator candidates @ayotom4u , @Jeromemrys @LarryLang, @GeorgePro1, @Kemal and every other person who the limits to number of tags here didn’t permit me to mention for all their support and oneness spirit. They helped in making the one week a great one.

I’m in the Spirit of making things much more better as the opportunity is given me.

Igboze Iboh Israel


Always happy to help :slight_smile:
Glad to see you get involved in different projects across the ecosystem and excited to see more.

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excellent Job my friend, you did well! Congratulations!

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Thanks for all you do!
We get work done to see NEAR nearer to the community.

Thank you for your words about my work and having set the road map for us.

Hey mate, you did marvelously well. I’m happy to work with you going forward. Do you remember when you hit my DM? You made my day yeah I got excited :sweat_smile:

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Thanks mate!
You’re doing very great too. Keep up the good work.

Nice one…
Good efforts you’ve been showing within the community :muscle::muscle:

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Thanks Mate!
Together we bring NEAR nearer to the people.

good job, Keep it up Mate.:rocket:

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Thanks Mate!
Together, we bring NEAR nearer to the people.

You were of great help in the communities bro. Thanks for the work done

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congratz Israel. and thank you for being helpful on channels.

and we have to deal with new fake groups continuously. we got a couple of them banned but some are hidden and we can’t just go in there and spam report it altogether. they are adding people into their group manually without their consent.
it’s important to keep our community warned regularly for such scams

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Thank you Sir for all the help given.

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