[Report] August MotionDAO Teaching, integrating, minting, programming...and COVID (Marlon)

Teaching about MotionDAO at the Course Dance and the Blockchain in Ghent (remotely form the hotel) August 24th 2022

I am writing in Brussels where I am staying for 5 weeks as an Artist/researcher in residence at TicTac Art Center (more details on my September 2022 proposal). I am integrating my role of leading MotionDAO with my interdisciplinary art practice. How it all relates? my social practice of facilitating the context for MotionDAO, creative coding, movement and contemplative practices?
Embodiment, economic-social, generative…
Steering and allowing self-organization…
Here are deliverables:

1.-I have been able to lead and connect activities, events, encounters and follow up important activities this summer for MotionDAO. I have followed up the threads of some members applying and been accepted to the Kernel Block 7 fellowship starting September; several of our members participating in ETH Barcelona and other blockchain events. I have had special envisioning meetings with Lenara Verle about next steps for MotionDAO.

MotionDAO Stickers produced for Ghent Event that uses Satori to open wallet and send an NFT (designed by Lenera Verle)

2.-I facilitated and held space for the first MotionDAO residency in Kassel (Germany) during Documenta Fifteen. We met from August 4th to the 10th for three hours at the K.format collective gallery. We created encounters, led workshops on wallet and NFT creation on Near. We deployed spacial campaigns of distributing a daily MotionDAO NFT.
We onboarded on MotionDAO/NEAR to more 30 people.
Mariana and Lenara are presenting stats in their reports.
I have so many questions on collective practice and how it related with us as collective and as a DAO.

3.-I continue developing software for the projects SoftSpaces, Tools for Meta-creation. I shared some of them at the Ghent conference during the presentation. **I actually attended the conference via Zoom because I got Covid (very mind), so, I have be in quarantine for 5 days in my Ghent room. **
I was not able to create the exhibition in person in Ghent due to the Covid restrictions.

I have continued to develop generative works and keep exploring the NFT potential for dynamic works created with software.

I also started to investigate the the potential of AI for the generation of NFTS

4.-I led 6 days of meditation at TicTac and as able to have conversation and informal gatherings with dancers and visual artists.
An Artistic Residency emerged from September 5th to October 8th 2022.

Some of the Generative Code pieces that I have developed in August 2022: