Guest Lecture at Crypto in Motion Workshop

Thanks for the invitation to be a guest lecturer at the Crypto in Motion Crypto-economy Labs for dance-tech Creators on the topic of NFTs: non-fungible tokens.

This topic will be covered in two sessions, jointly conducted with Marlon Barrios @marlonbarriossolano :

  • october 17th
  • october 24th

We had a very productive first session on the 17th and talked about, among other things:

  • anatomy of an NFT
  • use cases for NFTs

For the next session we are planning a demonstration of NFT minting, followed by a guided session with the workshop participants in order to deploy contracts and mint their own NFTs.


Woohoo! Awesome work, @lenara and @marlonbarriossolano! How many participants did you have in the workshop? We should also give them some cool NFT drops :slight_smile:
Maybe even NFT voting on Astro DAO? :smiley: cc @starpause

Yes, looking forward to DAO - NFT integrations! :star_struck:

I think the current group is around 9 people. They will be multipliers inside the dance-tech network (and beyond).

We have a course participation NFT certificate already in the works, and the group is planning the $MOTION fungible token.

In our second session about NFTs we had a big round of open Q&As. Since the last meeting some people already practiced minting, but as expected many questions still remained, NFTs are a big rabbit hole! :rabbit2: :hole:

To illustrate some of the answers we did a practical exercise. The exercise involved minting editions, setting up split royalties for all participants, then sending one edition of the minted NFT to each. The Motion DAO itself was also added as a royalty receiver, to show that any NEAR account can receive NEAR.

Some questions were about the possibility to send NFTs to a Mintbase store/contract (No, it’s not possible) and to a DAO (if it’s the new Astro DAO, then yes. But for the current Motion DAO on Sputnik V1 unfortunately no)

Here is the memory of the meeting that became an NFT:

I’m honored for having had the opportunity to present NFTs to this great group. Thanks so much! :star_struck:

I will submit a payout for 50 NEAR to the Motion DAO, as agreed.

For me, this is a great moment.