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Intro: This Topic is to organize research ongoing for upcoming Motion DAO workshops

Learn more about Morion DAO here: [WELCOME] Introducing MotionDAO: A Crypto-economy for the Global Dance-tech Community - #4 by chloe

Links from this topic will be used for payout proposals to the Motion DAO: [PROPOSAL] MotionDAO/ - September-2021-Withdrawal of funds for Development and design of workshops - #2 by chloe

This topic helps me keep my resources in one place ( as replies) and create a reliable track record of what I’ve been focusing on weekly .


I am starting to log here notes, ideas, questions, dreams and nightmares emerging from on my research path for the MotionDAO on-boarding workshops for September and October ? Any suggestions are appreciated. Gathering videos o Blockchain foundational concepts
Granularity: what are the fundamental concepts, knowledge nodes and tools.
Progressive on-boarding using Telegram (group/channel) and the post for dance-tech.
Possible airdrop using Telegram before and after the workshops.
Really good book:
Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain Edited by Ruth Cathlow
Video Play-listing:
BLOCKCHAIN BASICS with good simple and elegant graphics
Documentaries Bitcoin and Blockchain

Introduction to Cryptoeconomics: token economics
What is Money?


Create wallets for others

Upcoming v2


I believe that the contemporary art world have reached a wonderful complexity that when we collapse art and blockchain what may be emerging is something like Economic Arts or Financial Arts; not only artist posting images as NFTs (which is cool and important);
It is always a good reminder for me to read Ruth Cathlow’s definition of the artist role in her book Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain:

“Artists are good in mediating abstractions for our perceptions through play, open exploration and supposition. They can tolerate eve relish, extended encounters with difference, contradiction, muddle and slippage between symbolic and material possibilities without rushing to usefulness or simplicity. They have a kitbag of methods and processes for revealing the practical affordances and animal spirit of a subject, medium or technology. They know that a way to get to know something that does’n yet exist is to collaborate with its possibilities and to do something/anything with it or about it. And by doing so, they materialize and shape what it will be, allowing many other people to access, approach and reach out to it with different parts of themselves:”


Hello all!
What a good way to wake up at 3:30am in my birthday (Sept 5th) to share ideas, questions and speculations with brilliant people. Loved it.
I presented MotionDAO, in the workshop “Re-Think Workshop: Blockchain solutions in the performing arts”. I was told that the feedback was very positive.
Such an honor to be presenting with a long time friend and collaborator Lenara Verle (Brazil/Germany)and to get to know the amazing project Olle Saloranta Strandberg (Sweden).
Thank you Nina Kov for the invitation and to Serena Tabacchi for the moderation. And of course, thanks to the Re -Think Festival (Umea, Sweden).
Dancing NEAR! Dance in MOTION!!


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Great research log! Love that it includes dreams and nightmares :blush:
Looking forward to joining the session about NFTs!