[Report] MotionDAO August 2022 Tentacular Encounters, Choices and Proliferation

Video 3D work created by Victor Morales on the voice of Guillermo Gomez-Pena.

The burning heat of August in Europe fertilized process, exchanges and pollination.
Propelled by Alex/Platohedro invitation to Documenta Fifteen in Kassel,
encouraged by David’s hometown connections, hosted by a collective of young artists, we lived encounters of performances on fiber optics, of forests/humans; of remotely controlled dancers. I witness the amazing bifurcations and merging of experiences produced by choices.
In Kassel, I was able to get a glimpse of a more fair economy caring for curiosity produced by choices.
MotionDAO has become a fuzzy tentacular creature extending and contracting beyond the logics of form or formal organizations.

Nobody lives everywhere; everybody lives somewhere. “Nothing is connected to everything; everything is connected to something… Tentacularity is about life lived along lines — and such a wealth of lines — not at points, not in spheres.”
Donna Haraway

We present here reports that include connected narratives, matching actions with intentions, dislocated goals, creative accidents and numbers folded in creativity.

Here are the relevant reports from August 2022:

The support from Near has helped us to make MotionDAO a space for generative connections and embodied creativity.
Thank you for reading between lines, for helping us navigating with no map, for allowing us to be exuberantly queer and proudly complex.