[Report] Creatives DAO Trustee - K

Hello, everyone!

No reports were published on my behalf since I got onboarded as a Creatives DAO moderator, and due to the difficulties I encountered during the first months of being onboarded, they never went online. Therefore, here are my monthly reports.

The latter portions of which will be utilized to compile a collective report for Creatives DAO.


June 2022 Report

Hello, Creatives!

It was our first month in this role. Although we are kind of familiar with the processes, experiencing them firsthand is still different. We had the chance to see how diverse we are when making decisions and verdicts, yet it also allowed us to see things from different points of view. Hectic is the right word to describe June, as we are managing our respective local communities while doing reviews and tasks, but challenges are what make it worth trying.


  • Weekly syncs and immersions in the mods team
  • Introduction to the community
  • Weekly community calls
  • Weekly proposals review
  • Planning of Creatives DAO V.2 (Updating Legal Status, Creating Domain, NCC & Kicking start NFT Market Place) in which we plan to dry run some parts of it in Filipino Artists Guild this coming July

I am thankful for the trust and opportunity to work with these amazing people. Looking forward to bringing more value to the ecosystem!

Love and light,



July 2022 Report

Hello, Creatives!

We’re back after another month has passed! As we try to experiment and document the V.2 of Creatives DAO in my community, this month went a bit harsh on my side. Left and right internal challenges that took a tremendous toll on my well-being that lasted for a couple of weeks and affected my performance (where previous councils of my guild used gaslighting and spreading inaccurate, malicious information as much as they could about me). I was advised to create a report about it to disclose bad actors in the community, yet didn’t do so as I was tainted with compassion and distress.

This is also the final month with our ancestors (old moderators). As they share their knowledge with us, I am incredibly honored and humbled to work with them, and at the same time, I am motivated to work with the rest of the team to lead Creatives DAO during the future months!


  • Participated in weekly mods and community calls
  • Tried trello for effortless review management so we can put more attention to other areas of Creatives DAO
  • Reviewed proposals
  • Advised several DAOs in the back end regarding community concerns and funding

Excited for what August can bring. Let’s get it on!

Love and light,



August 2022 Report

Ciao, Creatives!

Here we are again, reaching another month stronger as a community! We received a humongous amount of proposals this month, and I must admit that the workflow is much better than the ones we had previously. I’m glad to say that Trello did wonders! :grin:

There’ve been a couple of internal deliberations with proposals, nonetheless, the approved ones are truly worthy.

We discussed proposals, held community calls, contacted former moderators, and arranged various events to boost Creatives DAO’s media exposure!

Each day we grew more confident being in this role. Looking forward to each day!

Love and light,


September 2022 Report

Ciao, Creatives!

Together with the other mods, we qualified to represent Creatives DAO and its community at NEARCon this year. As we downsized the mods team a few months ago, approving proposals was indeed challenging as most of us were traveling, but we somehow made it through. We appreciate the patience you all gave us, and you all rock it!

We also met the old moderators and several key players in the ecosystem, from whom we gathered some insights. This is also the first time 171 studios were brought to the table and examined the possibilities of working together in the future.

We represented Creatives DAO at quests outside NEARCon, where we saw firsthand how Creatives DAO-funded initiatives are operating in real life. I was astounded! If we are just able to attend these events and realize how much it impacts the mass adoption campaign through creative highlights, you’ll probably think the same! We are not limited to on-chain transactions!

While attending events, the moderators hosted the community call together. With the 4 of us (Blua, Sahil, me, and Will. Paul wasn’t with us for NEARCon 2022), we’re able to sync our thoughts and strategies on a personal level, even reviewing some of the proposals together. We also had a chance to strengthen the bond of Creatives DAO to the ecosystem’s community verticals, and I hope this is a start of a good collaboration.

NEARCon 2022 introduced us to the experience of meeting projects and people together. Honestly am quite anxious about how the remaining days will unfold, yet optimistic.

Thank you for once again showing us the community’s support!

Love and light,


October to November 2022 Report

Ciao a tutti!

Since NEARCon ended, things have swayed. Temporary halting of funding was announced, there’ve been sleepless nights to deliberate proposals on how we can move forward (which were both presented in the forum), and internal conflicts as we navigate the restructuring processes. Respective proposals had faced some resistance and feedback from various community contributors, which were also used to fine tune them.


  • Internal meeting with the mods to calibrate recommendations to the respective proposals of moving forward with the spirit of decentralization and sustainability
  • Meetings with NF representative, 171 Studios and Funding team
  • Attended to community queries

Love and light,

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for the two months of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


December 2022 to January 2023 Report

Ciao, everyone!

Hope you all celebrated the holidays well, and wishing you a prosperous 2023! Another year of us being together - IMAGINE! The mods team is greatly humbled by all of your support and for standing with us during difficult times. Rest assured, we are making great efforts to ensure that the funding resumes with much alignment with NF Goals and to contribute to the goal of onboarding 1B users to the ecosystem!


  • Meeting with the Web Developer to discuss works and expectations
  • Attending collective twitter spaces to show the community our support towards their causes
  • Internal deliberations of funding proposal and revisions
  • Mods team weekly calls (catching up with current affairs and how it can affect Creatives DAO, strategizing)
  • NF meetings
  • Ongoing highlight creation for the website
  • Reaching out to assist members experiencing unpleasant scenarios in the ecosystem

Hold on tight, we’re about to enter the most exciting part!

Love and light,

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for the two months of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


Hello @kc_sollano ! Any updates from NF side? Who is a point of contact at NF , because some artists are looking for support. Thanks.


Hey, Dacha! We’ve been in contact primarily with Shreyas and Osaze. We are also in touch with several from funding team.

Aside from NEAR, all the things we are doing are for the community. Once the funding resumed, we can once again support the community with their initiatives. Yet even at this moment, Creatives DAO mods are giving their support to the collective be it moral or other aspect aside from funding.

We are 1-2 meetings away from our continuation.


your work is great, it deserves to be appreciated :clinking_glasses:


February 2023 Report

Ciao ciao!

How have you been? I hope you all are doing well! February was a productive month with a lot of things accomplished. Was able to represent Creatives DAO in some local events and create partnerships that might help us with the ongoing campaign of 1 billion users! :crossed_fingers: This month I also stepped down with DAOs I counseled to put more emphasis on Creatives DAO development aside of it being a conflict of interest if I stay.


  • Assisting community calls, distribution and creation of POAPs
  • External and internal meetings, which involve guidelines, legal matters, the website, community calls, syncing with a person who has visions and propositions regrading the Creatives DAO structure, and keeping weekly sync with NF’s representative.
  • Reclaiming social medias and partnership with NEARWeek <> Creatives DAO
  • Drafting and deliberation of Creatives Support Working Group
  • Community moderation and assistance

March will be more hectic for all of us as we finally get things running once again. We’ll be awaiting your proposals, and if you need help, you can message me in Telegram to assist you! One message away!

March 1St Corgi GIF by Chibird


letzzz goo :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :metal: .

March 2023 Report

Ciao a tutti!

Hope y’all are doing great! March 2023 is one of the most active months in Creatives DAO. The DAO resumed its funding program and made preparations for the transition to the Community Treasury. The team accomplished numerous significant achievements including; 35 proposals evaluated efficiently, 4 community calls conducted, and aided our esteemed community members through CreativesDAO Open Hours. Moreover, we made substantial advancements with regards to legal matters related to the CreativesDAO Charter.

March contributions:

  • Advised DAOs under Creatives DAO on how to strengthen their proposals and how to be more aligned with the current metric system.
  • Assisted interested applicants on how to be more involved.
  • Outsourced projects offline to onboard and invite to build on NEAR.
  • Conducted deep on-chain research of the applying projects and their associated wallets
    Conducted off-chain research on projects’ communities
  • Attended meetings with NF representative
  • Created POAPs and attendance sheet for Community Calls every Monday
  • Community assistance and moderation
  • Evaluated submitted proposals for the month of March
  • Cooperation with The Walkers:
    → Attended two meetings in March
    → Set up a Special Purpose Trust agreement, aligned with the CreativesDAO Charter, to lock the future funding for Creatives from NDC
  • Cooperation with the Governance Working Group (GWG):
    → Attended three meetings in March
    → Finalized the CreativesDAO Charter (soon to be available for the community) to lock the future funding for Creatives from NDC

Total hours contributed: 160+


Thanks for supporting and always gently send the NFTs, of Creative DAO.:pray::pray::pray:

April 2023 Report

  • Reviewed proposals that can be found in this sheet → CREATIVES DAO APRIL FUNDING REPORT

    • Conducted off-chain research on projects’ communities.
  • Finalized the Charter with the community’s input

  • POAPs customizations and community distribution

  • Created the documentation for the Near@Night show on Twitter - https://twitter.com/near_at_night/status/1650327556770652160?s=52&t=o5oqIYZzbP0SdclgJxyhzA

  • Held weekly sync calls with NF

  • Weekly sync calls with GWG

  • Participated in two meetings with the NF Legal Team

  • Conducted daily internal meetings

  • Collaborated in four calls between Enforcer and Trustees to prepare the final Trust Instrument for CreativesDAO, to be sent to The Walkers

  • Conducted CreativesDAO Office Hours

  • Participated in calls involving EthMilan

  • Attended NEARCON Arts and Culture creative session

  • Engaged in ongoing and extensive research regarding creative communities and projects interested in building on NEAR

  • Moderation of CDAO streams


May 2023 Report


  • Co-hosted in the community’s weekly discussions on Telegram.

  • Took part in weekly coordination meetings with NF,

  • Joined GWG for synchronization calls every other week,

  • Consistently involved in daily internal strategic meetings.

  • Held Office Hours, which included 18 sessions in May. For any queries, schedule a call with the CreativesDAO via Calendly

  • Ensured sustained involvement in Creatives’ communication channels.

  • Led the initiation, monitoring, and distribution of POAPs.

  • Facilitated the team’s connection and brainstorming with necessary individuals, encompassing a developer to address technical issues and potential major collaborators in the music and magazine industries.
    Developer: Mario Reder
    Partenership: Mixmag and Tamago with Clarian North

It’s a pleasure to collaborate with the @creativesdao-council team and the Creative community. I am personally excited about the bright prospects for Creatives and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming progress and accomplishments!


June 2023 Report

  • Actively participated as a co-host in the community’s weekly Telegram discussions.

  • Engaged in weekly coordination meetings with NF,

  • Collaborated with GWG on bi-weekly sync calls,

  • Regularly took part in day-to-day strategic internal meetings.

  • Conducted Office Hours, with a total of 18 sessions in May. For any questions, please arrange a meeting with the CreativesDAO via Calendly

  • Maintained regular participation in Creatives’ communication platforms.

  • Played a leading role in the creation, tracking, and distribution of POAPs.


  • Took on the responsibility of serving as the primary liaison between the community and the Social Media Company managing the Creatives DAO’s presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. This collaboration will ultimately result in the publication of KPIs that have been generated based on activities and engagements on these social media platforms.


Continuing with exceptional efforts, retain the momentum of commendable work.:love_letter:

July 2023 Report

During the month of July, our internal operations have been bustling with numerous activities that have demanded the complete focus and dedication of the trustees. Despite the hectic schedule, the oneness and enthusiasm of the community, as well as the individuals we engage with, have made it a bearable and enjoyable experience. This period has been filled with endless learning opportunities and unparalleled encounters, making it an enriching and delightful journey for all involved.

So here’s my contributions for the month:

  • Participation in internal meetings, strategies and brainstorming
  • In July, we held Office Hours, conducting a total of 12 meetings. Please arrange a call with the CreativesDAO using the Calendly if you have any inquiries, concerns and if in need of advices.
  • Actively took part in the weekly community calls held on Telegram and NEAR Hub.
  • Consistently engaged in the Creatives streams and promptly responded to community members’ inquiries concerning NEAR and Creatives-related matters.
  • Regularly synchronized with the NF community team representative to stay updated on the latest information from both the Near Foundation and CreativesDAO.
  • Played a leading role in the creation, tracking, and distribution of POAPs.
  • [Report] Creatives Constellation July Funding Report:
  • Connected to YGG (Yield Guild Games) and Web 3 jobs Asia for possible future collaborations and expansion
  • Partnership with a Dutch Broadcasting Company to create an article about blockchain and governance featuring Creatives DAO
  • Created and published ETH Milan <> Creatives DAO’s Terms & Conditions as well as the FAQs for attending members
  • Coordinated team for pre-preparation for Invitation letters and flight tickets
  • Took the role of community & SMM liaison
    • Perform copy edits on articles that are being published on Creatives DAO’s LinkedIn page
    • Responsible for quality control of the Instagram posts, ensuring that they meet the desired standards before they are published
    • Coordinating with community representatives to collaborate on content ideation for Creatives DAO socials
  • Distributions and amplifications of Creatives DAO news through various channels to reach a broader audience and increase its visibility and impact. This includes sharing announcements, and DAO achievements in segment called Creatives DAO Weekly Updates that is being curated by @Paul that can be seen across different platforms

August 2023 Report

  • Participation in internal meetings, strategies and brainstorming
  • Participated in and co-hosted in the weekly community calls held on Telegram
  • Consistently engaged in the Creatives DAO streams and responded to community members’ inquiries concerning NEAR and Creatives DAO-related matters.
  • Regularly synchronized with the NF representative to stay updated on the latest information
  • Creation and finalization of August funding report for Creatives DAO
    • Executed off-chain studies on the communities of projects
    • Comments related to all observations can be found at July spreadsheet proposal review document - Creatives DAO
    • Assigned scores based on the CreativesDAO Charter
  • Assisting Creatives DAO election team to help rally various communities for the election
  • Participation in Creatives Constellation August’s Funding Request to NDC
  • Creatives DAO at NEAR APAC preparation
    • Coordination with designers for booth and swag designs
    • Planning of the event with @williamx
    • Documents set up with the NEAR APAC for the event
  • Took the role of community & SMM liaison
    • Perform copy edits on articles that are being published on Creatives DAO’s LinkedIn page
    • Responsible for quality control of the Instagram posts, ensuring that they meet the desired standards before they are published
    • Coordinating with SMM company to collaborate on content ideation for Creatives DAO socials
    • Amplifications of Creatives DAO communities posts and updates through Creatives DAO socials
      Moving forward, we won’t be working with the current SMM company due to internal restrictions and strategies
  • Coordination with embassies and ETH Milan team to help secure the visas of Creatives DAO community representatives for ETH Milan
  • Distribution of invitation letters to Creatives DAO community members

It’s been a busy month in August, but I’m happy to wrap it up knowing that it’s been a productive and successful one, all for the benefit of NEAR, Creatives DAO, and its community.

With the upcoming election, I urge everyone to cast their votes for candidates who are not only qualified for the position but also have a sincere commitment to serving the NEAR ecosystem, driving its progress, nurturing the community, and ensuring fair decision-making.

Thanks to everyone who campaigned with us for IAH, we managed to be in the top 3 on the IAH onboarding dashboard!