[Report] BiWeekly Telegram Report (21 March - 4 April)

Hello frensss =))

Here’s the Bi-Weekly Telegram Report covering all the recent events.

Previous BiWeekly Report can be found here

Statistics from NEAR Protocol Telegram Official:

Here’re our top members for last week:

Overview of Statistics from 5-20 March:

Total Members 55.7K>>>>>55.4K

Total Posts 362.6K>>>>>379.8K

Viewing Members 6.8K>>>>>8.2K

Posting Members 768>>>>>901

With the market bouncing off, hoping to see uptrend in total members too soon =)) BTW Total new members who joined in last 2 weeks were 6500 which is almost twice from last biweekly report =))

Meanwhile Here’re the events that happened on our channels in these past few days:

We(@ConciergeTeam) recently got some feedback for our community campaigns and we’re glad to announce Community Campaigns will be resuming back from today!
So please join us across our different channels,learn about NEAR,enjoy these events and win rewards!
More Details Here → Announcement


I love that NEAR is always listening to the community.

And great report @Kv9990 :+1: