[Report] Monthly Telegram Official Report (February2022)

Monthly Telegram Community (@cryptonear) Report February 2022

January 2021 Report can be seen here

Stats from Combot/Telegram Statistics page:
-We have banned lots of bots who made it through our defences that’s why there is a decline on total member count. But we are way ahead of 2021
-We have massive increase on total posts because of Various Channel events. Channel interaction is above average as compare to previous months although crypto is still in bear market (overall crypto market status which negatively affects community interaction) This means yes less people come to interact but with active members we are having fun and learning about Near and the Ecosystem more each day thanks to channel events.

A quick overview about weekly events we @ChannelOps organize:

  • Meme Monday
    Post your favorite memes about Near
  • Gaming Tuesdays
    Play 2 Earn Nears
  • WedNEARsday
    Share your articles, infographics
  • Thursday Quiz Night
    How familiar are you with Near Ecosystem?
  • NFTFridays
    Calling all NFT artists and supporters! Promote your favorite NFT!
  • Poll/Topic Saturday (Extraordinary Post)
    Detailed comment related to topic/poll will be rewaded

Total members 59.4K >>>>>>>>>>>> 56.1K
Total posts 319.8K >>>>>>>>>>>> 354.7K
Viewing members +15K >>>>>>>>>>> 6.1K
Posting members ~2K >>>>>>>>>>>> 477

Stats from Combot Statistics page:

Nov 21 Monthly Averages:
Active users 2008 (5.56%) New users 48032 (it counts booted bots too) Avg. DAU 120 Avg. daily msgs. 700 Avg. hourly msgs. 29 Messages 20996
Dec Montly Averages:
Active users 2976 (8.02%) New users 10725 (it counts booted bots too) Avg. DAU 158 Avg. daily msgs. 839 Avg. hourly msgs. 35 Messages 26023
Jan 22 Monthly Averages:
Active users 7253 (11.91%) New users 46314 (it counts booted bots too) Avg. DAU 288 Avg. daily msgs. 762 Avg. hourly msgs. 32 Messages 23627
Feb 22 Monthly Averages:
Active users 2425 (4.31%) New users 6171 Avg. DAU 113 Avg. daily msgs. 552 Avg. hourly msgs. 23 Messages 22093

Some events we Hosted/Run on January 2022 :

Other Important Updates:

If you want to take a look at seperate weekly reports and find them below: