[Report] BiWeekly Telegram Report (15 February - 4 March)

Hello again :smile:

Here’s the Bi-Weekly Telegram Report covering all the recent events that happened so grab a seat and give it a read!

Previous BiWeekly Report can be found here

Statistics from NEAR Protocol Telegram Official:

Here’re our top members for last week:

Overview of Statistics from 15 Feb to 4 March:

Total Members 59.6K>>>>>56.8K

Total Posts 333.9K>>>>>349.9K

Viewing Members 7.5K>>>>>6.9K

Posting Members 613>>>>>608

We’ve seen a downtrend in total members after BitKeep Airdrop but new members that joined during this time period were 3378.

Meanwhile Here’re the events that happened on our channels in these past few days:

Then NFT Thursday changed to NFT Friday :smile: tagging @bailey12 to share his duckies here xD

Important Announcements